Age: 55
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Worshipping Ven
Occupation: Transylvanian Concubine
Location: Fort Hill Cemetery, NY. USA

My Biography
Morbidly Inclined Oddling

I'm really fond of all things unusual. Antiques, self designed and vintage fashion, and fine art are a passion, and I'm still in love with Vincent Price. I like to read tons, music is a must, B&W films are my love(insomniac) and avoid the sun at all costs(vampire issues, haha).

What doesn't kill us, makes our pain tolerance higher..My lifes motto.


Long Live Pain!! Praise the Lords! Legalize!!!

Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared to our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, THAT is of which determines, or rather indicates his fate. H.D.Thoreau

We have built for this world a family mansion, and for the next, a family tomb. H.D.Thoreau

Life is short, art eternal. Beethoven

THANK YOU Trustn01...my baby boy...

I'd like to thank all who have befriended me on here.

Morbid wishes to you all....

Thank you to all who have written to me in my times of need lately. Your kind words and encouragement keep me going. I love you all. I have a new life now. I`m not single anymore, working on my art and writing. New friends, new me, still insane....

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink