Age: 41
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Student/Musician
Location: State College, PA. USA

My Biography
I was on stage with Lords of Acid once in Washington, DC. I wore a pink wig with kitty ears and danced to "Pussy"..if you saw me you saw me. ♥MUAH!

*First Name*- Meg

*Birthday*- Jan 13th, 1983

*Zodiac Sign*- Capricorn

*Height*- 5' 7"

*Eye Color*- blue/green with yellow stars.
They change colors.

*General Interests* - I try anything and everything. Trance, Fashion, AnnaSui, VintageArt, PinUpArt, Witchcraft, Charmed,GhostHunting, TheSims, DiamondGrrL, Angelina Jolie, CourtneyLove, d'arcy, Elizabeth Wurtzel, feminist.com, IndieGurl.com, Myspace.com

*Music* - Dieselboy, djirene, djmea, ScottHenry, DannyHowells, djRap, BT, SebFontaine, WhoDaFunk, Fluke, MissKittin, Kelli Ali, SneakerPimps, Kittie, The Murmers, LordsofAcid, Genitorturers, GemmaHayes, Ani Difranco, Coldplay, Evenescence, Rasputina, SnakeRiverConspiracy, Zwan, Garbage, NIN, JackOffJill, L7, Filter, FionaApple, Outkast, Pharell, Neptunes, Lisa Loeb, Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, The Flaming Lips, Zoe Keating, Ella Fitzgerald, Hole, Dashboard Confessional,TheCure,Esthero, Foo Fighters, DropkickMurphys, SherylCrow, FountainesofWayne (beforetheywerepopular),Jeff Buckley,MilesDavis, Liz Phair, VerucaSalt, APerfectCircle, Radiohead, BeastieBoys, AliceDeejay, Massive Attack, JanJohnston, Sasha&Digweed, Enigma, OldschoolRap, Digital Underground

*Who's your favorite singer*- Shirley Manson, Jade 4 U, Sarah Mclachlan, Gwen Stefani, Amy Lee, Jan Johnston, Kelli Ali, Liz Fields, Deborah Ostrega, Robin Fox, The Girl who sings "Can You Feel", Gemma Hayes, Tori Amos

*Movies* - Stigmata, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Cell, Old School, Swingers, Van Wilder, The Matrix, The Addams Family, Cinderella, GIA,Girl Interrupted, GoneIn60Seconds, RunLolaRun, TheProfessional, Go, InterviewWithTheVampire, Dracula, FightClub, SE7EN, Heathers, Say Anything,Rosemary'sBaby,CrouchingTiger HiddinDragon,CruelIntentions,10Things I hate about you,PulpFiction,JackieBrown, Leaving LasVegas,SecretsoftheYa-YaSisterhood, Shawshenk Redemption, Under Suspicion, Serendipity, City of Angels, Practical Magic, 28Days, Resident Evil, Old School, Kill Bill 1&2

*Who's your favorite actor/actress* - Vince Vaughn, Edward Norton, Angelina Jolie, Stewart Townshend, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Winona Ryder, Angelica Houston, Christina Ricci, Tara Reid, Ryan Renyolds, Carrie-Anne Moss,

*Favorite Books* - Memoirs of a Geisha, Prozac Nation, MoreNowAgain: A memoir of Addiction, Mr. Maybe, The Hungry Caterpillar

*FAVORITE SMELLS?* Eternity, Very Sexy FOR HIM, Body by Victoria Secret, The smell after a summer storm.

FAVORITE SOUNDS? Trance, Rain, Thunder, music that stirs your soul, moans, My boyfriend's voice.

*What's your favorite pair of shoes- my
combat boots and Stilleto heels


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink