Age: 59
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: clitoral stimulator
Location: Inyermouth, TN. USA

My Biography


Single male seeks double jointed supermodel
who owns her own Brewery
and grows her own pot.
Access to free concert tickets a plus,
as is having an open minded twin sister!

Love to eat, drink,work,play and live my life to it's fullest.First turned on to the Lords w/ "rough sex" and "let's get high" they validated my my lusts in life and enhanced my passion for kinky music and lifestyle. I have been a Chef for the last 20 years or so and own my own catering biz. I am an avid cyclist and love listening to LOA as I peddle my ass over the hills of East Tennessee. Originally am from Seattle but grew up in L.A. (Venice)some of my musical taste's are ::::::::::: "X" THE #1 OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!!1 DEAD KENNEDYS, PRIMUS, JANE'S ADDICTION, PRINCE, TOOL, KMFDM, ROLLING STONES, KRUDER AND DORFMEISTER, SNEAKER PIMPS, SUBLIME, NIN, DISTURBED, NIRVANA, PRODIGY,THE CLASH, DAVID BOWIE, LOT'S OF JAZZ-CLASSICAL- CLASSIC ROCK- ROCKABILLY- PUNK- REGGAE-JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ONLY NO COUNTRY CEPT MAYBE OLD PATSY CLINE,WILLIE OR ROY ORBINSON, of course LOA

Favorite Movies; True romance, Wild at heart, Lord of the Rings, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Anything Bond, Blazing Saddles, The Cell, O brother Where art thou?, Christmas Vacation, Rocky Horror, Snatch, Romeo and Juliet, Scarface, Godfather,Fight Club, Young Frankenstein, Videodrome, Friday,Dogma, Best in Show, Waiting for guffman and I love the sweet mushy stuff too but only watch alone, so you don't see me well up and cry like a baby.

However cool or cynical you may appear to be externally, you are extraordinarily sensitive and romantic. You are gentle and artistic and would rather do without a relationship than be part of one which does not measure up to your highest ideals of love

Obsession's / Addictions / Fetishes / Hobbies

Bettypages, Sindlesown, Latex, Food, fingerless gloves, Bettypg9, driving fast cars, Round butz, King of the Hill, Long legs, campfires, Sinpixie, Good weed, Hot oil, Whips, Paddles,Head, Eating pussy, Garters, LOA, exhibitionism, Threesomes, Women smoking, Women fucking, Fuck me shoes, Garters, Watching you masturbate, Piercings,Saltwatr fish tanks,
You watching me masturbate, Deep kissing, Glass bongs,The Family Guy, Cycling, Nipple clamps, Good coffee and a joint in the morning,any ocean any beach,tattoos,leather, rubber, short skirts, Long skirts,Seinfeld,Thigh high stockings, Scratching, Slapping, Tequila, Mad TV, porn, Europe, corsets, massage, nutella, exotic cheese, good wine, chocolate,The Simpsons, PilsnerUrquell, Snow, The smell of amber, laughing orgasms, Milla Jovovich, Anal beads, Laura Dern,Liv Tyler, bettypgs, Vintage porn, milf's, Twizzlers, carmel, phone sex, Sex outdoors, Cleavage,

Things that SUCK!

People that turn into assholes when they drink, Rednecks, Biggots, Fag hags, Boy bands,Stupid little dogs, Dirty bathrooms, Crackheads, Theives, Shitty tattoos,presumptious people, Any kind of trash(white, black whatever), Shitty porn,Selfish people,Bad smells make me puke, Picky eaters,Speeding tickets,Inhibbited sexless fucks,Women that think all men are dogs,Machismo men that think the world revolves around football/baseball/basketball,Hairy bush,Inverted nipples.

Twinkle twinkle little slut,
now I spank your naughty butt.
Once I've warmed it you will cry
and I'll wipe your teary eye
Don't forget the lessons learned
or your rumpsticks will be burned

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink