Age: 44
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Musician/Design Engineer
Location: nowhere, OH. USA

My Biography
Why is it that all the interesting people in life just disappear? you really start putting effort into knowing someone and then they are just gone. How can people connect on an almost cellular level and still not know each other before just walking away? Why is it so difficult for people to attempt to know others? is it because they are afraid to truely be known? If people claim to be open minded why do you say something one day and then just not here from them any more? People supposably respect honesty, however once you give it they never like what they here. My true and HONEST thought on this. They themselves are not being honest in saying they are open minded. There are a lot of weak(corrected) minded sheep in this world. Some of them even claim to be strong. But even a strong sheep is not a bull, it is still just a sheep. So dont tell me you want to know whats on my mind and then run when i tell you. Thanks for looking at these words and probably not hearing a thing i said......

I am down for chatting with anyone, just be real about things. Im not trying to hide who i am, and i expect that of others as well.

I am 24 male, whom is an absolute freak. You would not know it to look at me though. Being a true freak isinside, and being able to bring that out in others is what live for. It easier to do so when they are un suspecting of what is about to befall them.

i seek out those in life whom realize that society has no place in them... not the other way around.

i like to get to know new pepole and learn about what people are truely into. i am pretty blunt sometimes, so if i offend you... well go f*&k yourself.

people make too many assumtions about who we are based on what they see. see with your whole being not just your eyes, and you might begin to know people.

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