Age: 40
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Single
Occupation: DJ/Kitten
Location: Chicago, IL. USA
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My Biography
I DJ at Bone Harvest and I am a vocalist for an upcumming Dark Ambient/Ethereal Folk-Goth band called Eternal Silence....

Well I like all types of music, Gregorian Chant to Darkwave. My musical tastes have no boundaries. But I will list some of the more underground (some obscure) bands of the darker aesthetik that I like here:

The Shroud, Nosferatu, Stolzes Herz, Bella Morte, Two Witches, Specimen, Attrition, Fahrenheit 451, Tragic Black, Lydia Lunch, Mira, Faith and the Muse, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Cold Heaven, Leaether Strip, Tanzwut, Zadera, DeSade, L'ame Immortelle (and all side projects), Angels of Venice, :W:, Misfits, Astrovamps, Oneiroid Psychosis, Nihil, 13 MG, Wilt, Faith Assembly, TarmVRed, Xenonics K-30, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Arcana (Cold Meat) hmmm so many, so thats just a small percentage of bands....

Creative Outlet/Hobbies: MUSIC, drawing, writing, playing music, computers, modeling, acting, theater, photography, piercing, tattoo's, "Mythology", romance, walking through the forestlands, dancing, activism, and DJing. Also being a kitten, a princess, and vikingess. (All in no specific order, well maybe just music....)

Join the ~♥SEXXX KITTENS♥~ club!

What is the Sexxx Kittens club?

Sexxx Kittens is for those of us who believe that we really are kittens. For those who have cat like features, naturally and/or un-natural. Do you have sharp claws? Do you have the personality of a kitty? Have kitty eyes? Wear kitty ears? Purrr during sex? Like wearing that little kitty collar? Drink your milk out of a bowl? Or just like meowing at people? Then this is the club for you. It will develop into something more as we get things going. So send me a message if you wanted to be added to the SEXXX KITTENS list, and what you want your pet name to be.

The Sexxx Kittens are:

♥JanderVK - Jander Kitten
♥Azcrazygur -
♥Sindelsown - Katarina Kitten
♥Phantasma - Lolli-Yum Kitten
♥PotStar - Devistation Kitten
♥Ragamuffin - Luna Kitten
♥Dope - Baby Kitten
♥Bluemaiden - NekoBlu Kitten
♥KellyKat - Sweetest Kitten
♥Tripsy - Caramel Kitten
♥Amlyn - Striga Kitten
♥DemonAngel - Esclava Kitten
♥AbuseMe -
We will be doing an ocassional meetup on a private AIM chatroom called "Jander Kittens Play Pen", I will keep an update for the next meetup.

Your name is like a magic charm

I keep saying to myself

My thoughts tangle up around you

Only you can break the spell

We could walk into the shadows

You could be my friend

You could hold my trembling hand

And then and then and then...

Your voice is the only sound I hear

Falling over me like waves

My heart beats in time with yours

Shaping every breath I take

You could say you need me always

You could call my name again

We could kiss between the trees

And then and then and then...

If you only knew I was here

I know it would be just like this

We could walk into the shadows

You could be my friend

You could hold my trembling hand

And then and then and then...

You could say you need me always

You could call my name again

We could kiss between the trees

And then and then and then...

~The Shroud "And Then..." For my mystical venus ~Ereshkigal~ ♥

Langsam rinnt mein Leben
Wie der Sand durch meine Hände
Umsonst scheint all mein Streben
Verloren in der Ewigkeit

Doch nur weil ich meinen Traum
Zu oft in fremde Hände legte
Doch ändern kann ich es kaum
Denn jetzt ist es zu spät

Was hält mich noch hier?
An diesem Ort der Dunkelheit?
Nur das Licht, dass Deine Liebe
Mir scheinen läßt in Ewigkeit

Mein Schicksal, welches fremdbestimmt
Verflüchtigt sich und langsam weiter
Es ohne Halt zu Boden rinnt
Um dort unterzugehen

Nur ein Ziel das ich erreicht
Rechtfertigt all das was geschehen
Die Liebe, die nichts and`rem gleicht
Hilft mir hier zu bestehen

~L'ame Immortelle "Was hält mich noch hier?" Fur meinen Deutsch Industrial liebevollen freund im verbrechen, ~DOPE~ ♥

Im a stripper
Unzip your zipper
Look at me baby
I'll drive you crazy ...
(come on, give it to me baby...)

Desire in your eyes
Your blood is on fire
I'm here to tease you
Ready to please you

My skin is burning
My body's yearning
'Cause I'm a stripper
Unzip your zipper

(give it to me baby, come on!...)

~LOA "Stripper" For my little dancer ~Sindelsown~ ♥

May I have this dance? Can I get in your pants? May I squeeze on them cshoes? Sing you maybe some blues? I wanna wear your rain coat. Dance around the house. Your leopard skin and chain tote. Has got me so aroused. Baby you got the clothes. You got romance. You got the moves. So, while I got the chance...I wanna get in your pants? To just unzip the back. Baby, that's where it's at. Can I try on that hat? Give you my baseball bat. Oh baby it's uncanny. Bout them there Sunday panties. Hey, today ain't Sunday. Get 'em off o' your fanny. Oh, under your underpants. You got a wonderful ass. It's in the back o' my mind. But, meanwhile, back at the ranch. I wanna get in your pants. You know I'm in a band. And I can do handstands. I got this burning desire. To don that darling attire. How that elastic snaps. Against my kneecaps. I wanna wiggle into. Your powdered rubber skin...ooh. You got the clothes. You got romance. You got the boots. So, I just gotta ask. Can I get in your pants?

~The Cramps "I Wanna Get In Your Pants" for my lacey ~FakeNails~ ♥

Haha! Girl tested, mother approved...

A: did you tell Tiffany what happend?
bloodtearsiweep: No heh
A: i'm more than likely going to write her a letter in school today and tell her
A: heh
bloodtearsiweep: haha
bloodtearsiweep: just make sure it doesnt get to the teacher LOL
bloodtearsiweep: now that would just be the icing on the cake
A: that would just be... hilarious
bloodtearsiweep: Though my penis would be pretty popular at your school :-P everyone would be talking about it...
A: indeed they would.
A: oh god!
A: yesterday, my mom said "that was a big penis" i fuckin swear, man
A: *falls over*
bloodtearsiweep: LOL
bloodtearsiweep: :blushes:
A: i was like, "Mom, we are NOT having this conversation"
bloodtearsiweep: :falls off chair:
A: *helps you up*
bloodtearsiweep: Your mom was diggin muh package ;b
bloodtearsiweep: :snickers:
A: indeed she was. you should be thrilled

(and no, I don't have an uber macho complexe lol I just found it amusing)



Everyones tried stealing my pants, and some won.... :stands there naked and confused: =~.~=

♥kitty nibbles♥ ~Jander Kitten =^.^=

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink