Age: 35
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Philosopher in development
Location: Flagstaff, AZ. USA
My Biography
Opening your mind to the clarity of love's sound, is to transcend into another plane of existence.

So, I've been going through a great many profound changes in my life the last 5 months. I have been changing everything down to the way I think and see the world. Many beliefs I have formed within this time and those beliefs feel like the first pieces of truth I have ever heard. I will not press them on others. I will continue to grow I feel, I will trust my intuition, I will take a pen to my fate and truly make it my own. Its funny, I used to worry about people thinking I was crazy or cocky for my beliefs was a reason to not express myself. I now understand why I would be looked at as 'crazy' or full of myself and from this understanding, I am freed. I beseech only one thing of anyone who happens to read this, look past yourself, past me, and look into something that can be seen with amazing clarity though is rarely ever actually seen by anyone in their waking lives. Once you do that, well even though I do not personally know most of you I do know you in another way. A way that I have come to see things allows me to see it in everyone, for it is in me as well. Have a chat with me, I am still human and I am still learning volumes of enlightenment.

Life is filled with paths we can take, left, right, and breathe now or in a second. Each with its own unique results that affect us with equal impact and we all choose paths on a secondly basis. Think of fate as a computer, with a printer and that computer gives you a book with your fate lying within it. The fact that free will exists is testimony that the book fate gives us is not set, and we can take a pen to it and change where we feel it is needed. For so long I considered my path one of solitude and teaching, and now I see that my path is only such if I allow it to lay out that way. I am rejuvenated at the fact that I can change everything I want without giving up my love, my friends, and my dear family.

Clear your mind, silence it. Think at ?a million miles a second?, let your thoughts flow from within you. Do this simultaneously. Understand your feelings of love, hate, sadness, greed, passion, happiness, content, and all the vast span of human emotions. Do this as well. Accept you are going to die, accept that your body is a temporary holding place for your soul to learn from. Do this also. And my last words of advice for you all will be simple and to the point. As in many writings and beliefs love is the glue which holds all together. Which is why perhaps at the time we all feel so ?untogether.? Love yourself, and love everyone. I do not speak of physical love or emotional love, the love which I speak of is the love that is truly unconditional at all times. The love of your souls.

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