Age: 34
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Doin' About Everything
Occupation: Warehouse/machiene operater/
Location: Evans, CO. USA
My Biography
Ah this tragedy being forced to write, one should only write from the depths of thier hidden soul. Inside the deepest parts of passion in lust for another. Tis, is why I'd play the game of S&M, for life seeks the dream to cum...Excuses...I'm a disturbing, out side the relm of the total basket case. A figure who hides her identity well. The courage to shelter my beauty behind pain. I'm full of enigma as so stories reveal a leveled curiousity to such pristine pupils. A world full of enchantment I belong to...I bring the wines sweetness to cause. Ask and you shall recieve... I'm active,impetuous, understanding, hasty, dominating, generous, realistic, pragnatic, senuous, self-appreciative, passionate, self-opionated. I'm hard, tough, obdurate, hard-headed, dedicated, stable, intellectual, powerful communicater, non-emotional,confident, mystical wise stadious. Perfer pleasure to hard work and dreaming to reasoning. I fuckin' do it all... every thoughful thing imaginable, Bondage, bite, tear, scratch, bruse, fight, smack, dirty names... I'm all around bitch... but I like the sound of it more!!! And so, since I have no pic! I'm 5'7, Long strawberry blonde/ shit brown hair, eyes change colors...wierd'I knw' Measurements 38'C, 34' waist, perfect teeth:) Beautiful hands, natural of coarse, piercings, sexual appetite strong ang long.

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