Age: 43
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Dominating A Slave
Occupation: Teaching Objects Lessons
Location: Grove City, OH. USA

My Biography
First off, I am looking for someone totally lacking in self-respect, a sense of humor, and any common sense, or intelligence. I prefer my women who have no problem bending to the will of her man, at any cost. I am a debaucherous, drunken, hateful, lying, cheating, stealing, dishonorable son of a ****. I value your loyalty, AND OBEDIENCE.

I will treat you as badly as you want to be, and more. There is no room for empathy, or sympathy for your pathetic self. You will be my slave. I really hope that at first you refuse. It will make our first date so much more interesting. My dominion is absolute. I will rule every aspect of your life, and you will beg for more. You will hang your worthless life by the neck from each, and every dark, dirty lie that I tell to you. You will wait up late at night for me to call you. But, I won't, because you disgust me. You dirty, filthy, human waste. Bow down, kiss my boots, I don't plan on forgiving you. You will thank me for it.

I hate you.

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