Age: 43
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Born Again Hedonist
Location: Richmond, VA. USA
My Biography
Jan.31.2006: Rest in Peace Stephanie (Placebo). May God rest your soul.

I love my "Celebrate Diversity" Gun shirt, my liberal friends hate it.

I am now selling Conservative tshirts on my own website: www.BoldConservative.com

My bar photos and rantings can be found at: www.insanehippie.net
Enjoy and party on.

Where is the Marital listing for "Dating and drinking"? I need to select that one. Women are fun. I like rock, rock, rock, electronicy dance music, metal, and most anything with a good beat. Leather, boots, and piercings are mmmm mmmm good. Don't let the hippie exterior fool you. I'm not some patchoulli stained drop out. Check my site if you're interested, or if you want my IM usernames so you can verbally harass me (is that textual harassment?!?).

I'm a 24 year old college kid (I'm legal, I'm legal!). I guess I'm a textbook example of an extrovert. I'll chat with the lunatics and idiots, which is a load of fun. If you know someone who's an idiot, please get them to talk with me. Practice kind acts of randomness, and commit continuous acts of hedonism as often as possible.

Do any members smile or even look happy on this site. I guess they have to act tough or depressed all day otherwise they might piss off their friends... wtf is that about? The more you overdo trying to look hard for the camera, the more of a middle finger you get from me. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. Now I'm off to go have fun.

Check out my website (www.insanehippie.net) and forum (forum.insanehippie.net) if you're up for shooting the breeze with local Richmond, Virginia kids, and some out of towners.

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