Age: 40
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: my creations live
Location: Tulsa, OK. USA
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My Biography

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My obsession with horror film stars,the killers,the poor ones that get killed in the end because of a obsession with stabbing breathes.
Joey Jordison,nothing NEEDS to be said but I'm gonna say it anyways, Joey is the and I mean THE NUMBER ONE best drummer in this universe, not to mention he looks damn gewd in that japanese kabuki mask.
There's really only one band that could sound like Type O Negative... and one way to descibe their sound... (what Black Sabbath would sound like if they were playing while slipping into a coma).
+Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting+
There?s a crack in the mirror
And a bloodstain on the bed
There?s a crack in the mirror
And a bloodstain on the bed
O you were a vampire and baby
I?m walking dead
O you were a vampire and baby
I?m walking dead
I got the ways and means
To new orleans I?m going
Down by the river
Where it?s warm and green
I?m gonna have drink, and walk around
I got a lot to think about oh yeah
There?s a rocking chair by the window
Down the hall
I hear something there in the shadow
Down the hall
O you were a vampire and now I am
Nothing at all
O you were a vampire and now I am
Nothing at all
They used to dance in the garden in the
Middle of the night
They used to dance in the garden in the
Middle of the night
They were naked as the day they were
Born skin all bone-china white
O you were a vampire
And I may never see the light
i said come on fhqwhgads come on fhqwhgads everybody to the limit the cheat is to the limit come on fhqwhgads
askmelater: i want a bottle of butterbeer
outofplaceimage: lol what?
outofplaceimage: never heard of that
askmelater: and a sachel of bernie botts every flavor beans
askmelater: and some chocolate frogs
outofplaceimage: lol
askmelater: man im serious! that would rock my socks!
!!!I lub0rz m00gl3s!!!
+Presidents of United States - Dune Buggy+

a little blind spider took the wheel
navagatin' grass blades completely by feel
got a sassy chassis, sparkle in the sun
all four small bald fat tires rockin through the sand and burnin up
little dune buggy, in the sand
little blue dune buggy, in my hand
okay, i got a rubber band motor hummin' on the beach
and ready for fun
quit spinnin that web and come out and play in the sun
eight thimble sized cylinders to be as smooth as you please
spiders badass fat old abdomen's stuck in the buggy seat
little dune buggy, in the sand
little blue dune buggy, in my hand
squishy transmission was caught in drive
spiderman was squintin' at the sand and the sky
spiderwoman in the front seat, screamin' "go, go ,go!"
he's ridin the accelorator down to the floor with his fuzzy little toe
little dune buggy, in the sand
little blue dune buggy, in my hand
does involve pixies at a bonfire sitting on magic mushrooms singing switchblade symphony?
There's a monkey in the jungle
Watching a vapour trail
Caught up in the conflict
Between his brain and his tail

...just a simple outcast...

If lava melts rock, wouldn?t the lava melt the volcano?
If their lives don't provide them this they incite violence
Common sense simple common sense
Names Ty,Konekobomu,or Meka Keisei.I'm addicted to chocolate,sparkly or shiny things,computer and video games,and ice cream. 15 peircings,3 tats,everchanging hair color (redish with dark blue bangs right now),"goth" "punk" "raver" "cybernetik". I draw,make clothes,jewelery,statues out of odds and ends,i paint,write poetry,work on computers,rewire,a bit of roleplaying,play around with music,make food & desserts, all that fun stuff. I'm in love with techno and industrial music. I cut my own hair, do my own peircings, make my own jewelry.
"Among all things that can be contemplated under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that arouses the human spirit more,that ravishes the senses more,that horrifies more,that provokes more terror or admiration than the monsters,prodigies and abominations through which we see the works of nature inverted, mutilated and truncated."
*gasp*. .a baby wrapped in them. .in my cellar. .by the preserved fetus. . .
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you have rubber bands for me?
ehh bored so putting my fav bands on here..
spf1000, grim faeries, cassandra's myth, sinisstar, london after midnight, siouxsie and the banshees, deadraven, velvet acid christ, kmfdm, dope, meshuggah, mr. bungle, cradle of filth, project 86, murderdolls, suicide commando, ohgr, covenant, nin, tool, razed in black, eurythmics, coal chamber, neotek, rush inside, switchblade symphony, bella morte, christian death, ehc, zeromancer, icp, wolfsheim, twized, orgy, five iron frenzy, powerman 5000, rob/white zombie, dieselboy, assemblage 23, electric wizard, pantera, axis, malice mizer, faithless, Queensryche, apoptygma berzerk, thrill kill kult, mmbt, lost signal, new order, black tape for a blue girl, mudvayne, the cure, hammerFall, danzig, crossbreed, ministry, delerium, tenacious d, enigma, godhead, die form, supertones, imperative reaction, faith and the muse, type o negative, gwar, wumpscut, misfits, perfect circle, blutengel, godsmack, oingo boingo, syrian, pigface, beseech, skinny puppy, tweaker, corrosion of conformity, pink floyd, ringleader, ozzy osbourne, hammerfall, cruxshadows, h-i-m, seabound, immaculate deception, knorkator, mc chris, modest mouse, and many many others!!
+Echo Image - Listen To The Stars+
The world is
Treating her like nothing
Everyday she's watching
Shadows crawling outside her door
To find out why she's crying
Everyday is hopeless
When did her world start to go down?
She sits there waiting for the light
While the stars are shining bright
The wind is singing her song
Why did she trust him anyway?
She listens to the stars they say
You have to be on your way
The girl is
Staring at her picture
Memories are fading
Like a shadow swallows the light
Escaping from herself
She can't stay in this world
She closes her eyes and waits for an angel
She sits there waiting for the light
While the stars are shining bright
The wind is singing her song
Why did she trust him anyway?
She listens to the stars they say
You have to be on your way
~Hunter's Hour~
Blood filled bubbles
scour the earth
in search of our kind
blood thirsty beast are left behind
in the hunters hour
mindless freaks
are the way
the night our shelter
from everyday
during hunters hour
hours are souless days
and mindless ways
bloodless goblets
are left behind
during hunters hour,
when the sun shines.
night233: hi
askmelater: Hello
night233: sup
askmelater: playing a game, you?
night233: um
night233: c
night233: hillin
night233: hey r u a wolf
askmelater: maybe...what's it to you?
night233: well imavamp trying to become a wolf
askmelater: oh
night233: well r u
askmelater: Why should we let you become a wolf, I think you'd be happy to be a vapir so explain to me.
night233: well im part vamp and i cant really do nothing
askmelater: Oh, so you expect to be able to run around on the internet and convince people to give you some help..
night233: no i dont expect anything i justwant some help to become a werewolf
askmelater: I think it be better If you figure that out for yourself and then maybe you'd relize its not so great being a were.
night233: actually to me it is
askmelater: You wouldn't think that way once you've felt this blood run through your veins. It's not lollipops and gumdrops, kid.
night233: i no that i have made my choice and would be willing to live with it
askmelater: Go bother somebody else before you upset me.
Through corridors of light where hours are suns,endless singing.
Whose lovely ambition was that their lips,still touched with fire,should tell of the spiritclothed from head to foot in song.
The desires falling across their bodies like blossoms.
What is precious is never to forget the essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs breaking through rocks in our worlds before our earth. Never to deny it's pleasure in the simple morning light Nor it's grave evening demand for love. Never to allow gradually the traffic to smother with noise and fog the flowering of the spirit.
Near the snow, near the sun,in the highest feilds see how the nameds are celebrated by the waving grass,and by the streamers of white cloud,and whispers of wind in the listening sky: who wore at their hearts the fire's center. Born of the sun they traveled a short while twords the sun, and left the vivid air signed with their honour.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
thrilled me filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before
so that now to still the beating of my heart i stood repeating
tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door
some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door
this is it and nothing more.
+Type O Negative - Nettie+

In the dark bathed in Cathode ray blue
Miss Red Hook of 1922
Weeping silently for the pain of others
Every night a tearful rosary
A victim of the curse of empathy
Her reward for compassion is to suffer
Nettie, no need to cry
Let me wipe those tear drops from your eyes
My shortcomings I know caused her grief
Still she loves me. This I can't believe!
Responding not with anger but a prayer
Heaven's just Southwest of Cobble Hill
True, I am the son of an Angel
Maternally, not one woman compares
Nettie, no need to cry
Let me wipe those tear drops from your eyes
If you fall, I will catch you
When you're lost, I'll be there soon
Far away, but of course near
When you're sad, I'm always here
Thank you for saving me from myself
Your compassion became its own hell
Unequivocably beautiful inside and out
Without a doubt
^v^^v^^v^^v^^v^ short bus bordello member ^v^^v^^v^^v^^v^

«@ VenGone» picture this..
«@ VenGone» you up to the sky and the sun's color is blue
[7:53pm] that be awesome
« Nitrohax » I would kill my neighbor. because I could blame it on that
[7:54pm] heh yeh
[7:55pm] thats for sure, i would saute the bors in less than a second if i could get away with it, and when im done i would shout "yeah try and call the cops now!"
« Nitrohax » LMAO
[7:56pm] and then i would go inside and bake a cake like nothing has happened while giggling to myself

Name: Ty
Birthday: 7-16-1983
Birthplace: Tulsa, OK
Current Location: Tulsa, OK (go figure)
Eye Color: blue/grey
Hair Color: red
Right Handed or Left Handed: right
The Shoes You Wore Today: birthday shoes (for real!)
Your Perfect Pizza: stuffed crust,alfredo,pepperoni
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: finally get a job
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: ^_^
Thoughts First Waking Up: that was a weird dream
Your Best Physical Feature: :/ i dunno, someone should let me know
Your Bedtime: usually midnight
Your Most Missed Memory: being young and innocent, those are the best
Pepsi or Coke: occasionally
MacDonalds or Burger King: grr i like subway!
Single or Group Dates: ether is fine with me, just hide under the table o.0
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton COLD BREW bizaches
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: both
Do you Smoke: only cloves
Do you Swear: fuck no, what the fuck? im a saint
Do you Sing: only to myself ^_^;
Do you Shower Daily: yes, because Daily is a dirty punk
Do you want to go to College: been (in two different states ;p)
Do you want to get Married: someday
Do you belive in yourself: no, but the people in my head do
Do you get Motion Sickness: depends on how fast im going
Are you a Health Freak: uh yeah! if im past 30% im so dead, greens/priests/empaths are my friend
Do you get along with your Parents: me an my mum get along ok
Do you like Thunderstorms: oooo absolutly <3 <3 <3
Do you play an Instrument: techinally the keyboard is an instument -_-;
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: no way
In the past month have you Smoked: smoked what?! im drug free nahyyaa!
In the past month have you been on Drugs: nope, sorry
In the past month have you gone on a Date: yes
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: no :/
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: ::tear:: nopies
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: ::cries:: nuh uhnn
In the past month have you been on Stage: i stepped on it, if thats what you mean
In the past month have you been Dumped: oooo i hope not lol
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: never ever ever, dirty people 6_6
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: only clothes from my drawers haha
Ever been Beaten up: god!! why do you keep bringing up all this bad stuff?
Ever Shoplifted: ^ read above ^
How do you want to Die: in one hell of an explosion...that i caused...heh dayum pryos
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: more like myself ::smacks her head:: sorry..
What country would you most like to Visit: japan/asia
Short or Long Hair: medium/long
Height: 5'6-5'7
Weight: 105-115, depends on if ive been to cici's or not lol
Best Clothing Style: freestyle
Number of Drugs I have taken: enough to know im done with em
Number of CDs I own: lots
Number of Piercings: 15 so far
Number of Tattoos: 1-professional/3-self done
Number of things in my Past I Regret: lots, id only change my daredevil days, make the pain go away

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink