Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: asshole
Location: tonawanda, NY. USA
My Biography
"Whether one passes on or remains is all the same. That you can take no one with you is the only difference. Ah, how pleasant! Two awakenings and one sleep. This dream of a fleeing world! The roseate hues of early dawn!"
Tokugawa Ieyasu

"You've got a screaming silence
You're full of caution
Your regret is my abortion
This vicious victim lost his hold
Revenge is a dish that's best served cold
Let your bloodlust leave
Let your hate recede
I can take it all with one collect-call
Awake be forgiven arise with the living
Never see realize peel your eyes feel the prize"

I am: myself, a walking paradox, at times a hypocrite, sometimes an asshole, a prick, loyal, willing to talk about anything, sometimes high, horny 95% of the time, soft spoken (unless intoxicated), a daydreamer, confident, honest, confused, on a path of self destruction, jaded, willing to go the extra mile to help out a friend, a man, wacky, spastic, prone to unexplainable injury?s, lonely, easy to get along with, open minded, not you, done with typing what I am.
I hate: Organized religion, Government officials, Liars, Fakes, Plastic bitches, Close minded individuals, Groups or Organizations, Charity, Foreign policy, Foreign cars, Bigots (the way I see it don?t hate one group, do it right and hate everyone), Corporate America, Jesus, Valentines day, Do rags, Global warming, The O-Zone layer, The Atkins diet, The ideal that there is a pill that will fix everything, Jlow, Modern pop music, When CD?s skip, Working for a living, The man, The war on drugs, That there is a war on everything, Pop culture, Getting older, Responsibility, George Bush, Your mom, Money (cause I never have enough of it), Math, Being blown off, Labels, Control, The Wizard of Oz, Hot Dogs, Time

Things of interest:
Movies: Kill Bill, Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, The Crow, Fight Club, SeVen, the Terminator(all of them), Kevin Smith films, Tim Burton films, Star Wars(all of them), Hellraiser(all of them), the Dark Crystal, Night of the Living Dead, and much much more...
Bands top 5: Skinny Puppy, Tool, Psychotica, Pink Floyd, Ministry
Artists: Hr Giger, David Aronson, Alex Grey

Hiar:Usualy black
Hieght:5' 10"
Wieght:130 lbs.

I am here to buy your fear

end tranSmiSSion... \_/Squee\_/

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink