Age: 41
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Doin' About Everything
Occupation: chef /clitjunkie/actionhero
Location: indpls, IN. USA

My Biography
the pick-up poll,, yes, they all work, "really well in combination"
vote for your favorite vote vote vote

look finally a fuck'n pic

ok 4 the fith time i hope it sticks.
whats up i' m KAM i don't care about having an indentity and i could giva shit about what one is (good people 4 good people makes the world turn) i like any kind of music (i stay open minded until it,s irritating) i like going to bars and clubs (anykind) and ending night in a dive playing pool drinking pbr listening to antiflag on a jukeBOX is ok to.

music that moves me :::::;;;""""''';;
bowie and more bowie,sexpistols,kmfdm,TKK,phunkjunkies,deadkennedys, op ivy, PRAGA, bauhaus,the clash,dee lite,deadcityrejects,robzombie,
icp,LOA, da la soul, chubb rock,blacksheep ,BHG, type 0-,
g.g.allen,and any thing else that sounds like dance happy distorted depression of everlasting evil joy
ladies ,and the like, which is the best pick up line - (54 Votes)

i'm gonna fuck you in the face - 16 (29%)
do you have a website? - 14 (25%)
wantto join myburlesque troop - 13 (24%)
wats up momma - 6 (11%)
thanks for the taste me eyes - 5 (9%)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink