Age: 52
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Challenging the Status Quo
Location: San Jose, CA. USA
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Always Looking for Blasphemous Fun and Stimulating Conversation.

As a species we are forgetting how to think for ourselves. How to really think. How to challenge the status quo. Consensus does not equal fact my friends.

Zero-tolerance is not good idea.
Religion is not the answer.
The vitamin industry is a sham.
Morality is not declining.
The world is not at an end.
Yes, you are overweight and you?re probably not as attractive as you used to be.
Crystals and magnets are not health supplements.
Sedona should be flattened.
God doesn?t give a crap about your sports team.
Marketing People and Lawyers are not your friends.
Fast food should be taxed higher than alcohol or tobacco.
Survive. Reproduce ? that?s the point.
Your chiropractor is probably ripping you off.
There is no magic pill.
Pure altruism is a red herring.
My ancestors beat the crap out of your ancestors and stole their land.

Offended? Fuck You.

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