Age: 55
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: hating the Average..
Location: Atlanta, GA. USA
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My Biography
ME: My name is Jerry, I'm 39, a chef, i sing, play guitar, bass, percussion, and I play with little Jerry more than I should.. i think i'm going blind... but my prostate is healthy!

TUNES:Sisters of Mercy.Dead Boys.Stiff Little Fingers.LacunaCoil.Damned.Cult.Cramps.Vandals.Boneshakers.Francine Reed.Elvis.Elvis Costello.Type O Negative.Tender Idols.Ramones.WSP believe or don't.Dr John.Marvy 3.Hadden Sayers.Dead Can Dance.Cigar Store Indians.Johnny Cash.Patsy Cline.Blacktop Rockets.Brian Setzer.Billie Holiday.Celia Cruz.Bach.Handel.Prokofiev.Pistols.A Perfect Circle.Bella Morte.Crystal Method.Bowie.Lords of the New Church.Lyle Lovett.Medaeval Baebes.Miranda Sex Garden.Mission UK.Mojo Nixon. Soundgarden. MLWTTKK. Tool. ~X~. Bach.Beethoven.Mozart.Handel.Vivaldi.
The hottest band in the land..KISS.
Stabbing Westward.Chevelle.John Doe - the coolest guy ever!.

TUNER: (Atlanta stations) WRAS 88.5 (Georgia State University)-WRFG 89.3-WABE 90.1-WREK 91.1(Georgia Tech)-WCLK 91.9 (Clark College)- WBZY-105.3 -

VIDDIES: A Clockwork Orange.Apocalypse Now. Orgazmo. Matrix.Spawn.Kurosawa(7 Samurai, Ran, Yojimbo). Eisenstein (Battleship Potempkin,Alexandr Nevski).Run Lola Run.Fifth Element.Monsters, Inc. Pump Up the Volume. High Fidelity.Gross Pointe Blank.Bringing Out the Dead.Snatch.Go.Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels.Last Temptation of Christ.Matrix.Spawn.Samurai Fiction

READS: Harlan Ellison,Lovecraft,Tolkien,Irvine Welsh(Trainspotting, Filth..),Bukowski has nothing on me..,SF, Erotica,true crime,serial killers,history (esp. Russian), Robert Silverberg is a god.., so was Phil Dick

SIG.OTHERS: the Akita and the Dalmatian.My sister.MistressG.the woman at the bank who gives me money.My bartenders @work(food = drink?).. all the girls at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta - never has so small a paycheck gone so far to please so many... see ya in a couple of weeks, right?

INSTRUMENTS EVER: Piano.Violin.Viola. Trumpet.Cornet.Guitar.Bass Guitar.Vox.Percussion.

PERSONAL/FAMILY HISTORY: My grandfather was a magician. My grandmother was a snake charmer. My parents were blind musicians. I'm a left-handed Scorpio. Do you actually NEED to know more? Ok, ok.. 8 & 1/2 inches, and , yes, I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink