Age: 33
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Pizza Pan/Student
Location: Twinsburg, OH. USA
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My Biography
♥ My name is katie and I'm 17. I live in complete suburbia of Ohio in a small town called Twinsburg. I'm a senior in high school. C/O '06 BITCHEZ!!! I plan on going to Kent State University for nursing. Just can't wait! I am currently single again! I love to party and play softball and listen to music and dance. The pic above is like old, I'll put up a senior pic when I get the chance! O yes and I enjoy my material posessions but I'm not some stuck up bitch like a lot of people think. I love thrift store shopping and I can be a bit ditsy but its all good. I love all kinds of music;ska, rock, punk, industrial,techno, oldies, rap, pop, etc. I love everybody new but i hate finding out when they're posers, fake, or just not who they really try to be. My most valued things aren't actual things, they are my friends, there is only a few who can fall into that catagory. Missy, Jess, Lisa, and all my barista buddies at Arabica!

Likes: Friends, strangers, candy, parties, foreign people, bunnies, and glo stix, and so much more!
Dislikes:Posers, liers, back stabbers, people who forget their friends for boys, mental and emotional pain.


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink