Age: 48
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: bondage furniture builder
Location: Detroit, MI. USA
My Biography
I build custom bondage furniture and also complete dungeons

Redemption for the Soul

What is reality compared to Me ?

go to the empire state and watch the city lights
hear the noise of millions struggle in the sprawl
stare into the sky we're few and far between
black eyes full of stars wide with memories

every street I ever walked
every home I ever had
is lost

every flower I ever held
every spring I ever had
has died

every man I ever knew
every woman I ever had
is gone

everything I ever touched
every thing I ever had
has died

lie down in the park and watch the satellites
hear the children sing just a breath away
dance in the heavy air along the interstate
black lung full of fumes choke on memories

extra love if you know what song that is from ;)

Faomy Card cult .... spread the plague !

shagging nuns for fun and profit!

Anti-Pope : magus

Missionary Matriarch of Chartreuse : ereshkigal

Mother Superior of Vulnerable Fucking : vulnerable

Lay Sister of Sultry Photo Manipulation : MORGOTH

Worshipper of Whores: Fiona

Arch Cardinal of Glass : Adramelech

Cardinal of Filming : Cmd42rmMFD

Mother Superior of Tools : missddevil

The Priest : nigg

Mother Superior of Confusion : redgirl

Faith Healer : darkangel

Bishop of Voodoo : Azreal

High Priest of Involuntary Stigmata : Pain

Oracle of the Downfall of Lemurs : kijinchan

Lay Sistah of Ninja Kitten School Girls : Kittycore

Reverend of Redheads : misfitt069

Bishop of Scantily-clad Supermodels : VintageBoi

Kitten Lay Sister of Socks : halokitty

Disciple of Debaucherous Deviance : Spiderlily

High Priestess of Erotic Photography : Ravenesque

Arch Priest of Lustful Desires : Priester

Priestess of the Highest Level : pumpkin

The Priestess : nameless

Spooky Sister of Muffins : Spooky

Arch Cardinal Bloodsucker : lonevamp

Vicar of The Church of BDSM and Eternal Damnation : Tresses

Arch Reverend of Restraint : Bluemaiden

Priestess of Gothic Chamber Music : gothic666

J├Ągermeister Prophet : Sp00ksh0w

Apostle of Sex : Jazzy

Preacher of Curriculum Masturbation : RyAn

Minister of Redemption : MstrR

Vicar of Sexual Pleasure : SatansGirl

Rabbi of Nun-Shagging : TrustNo1

Evangelist of Gotherotic : LordZevai

Priestess of Leg Humping : kornchild

Rabbi of Chickenhead Pluckin' : haikufive

Chaplain Son of Sodomy : NON3NTITY

Priestess of Reapers : rebel8

Lay Sister of the Graveyard : Mystery

Canon Linguist to Lustful Nuns : crusty

Cardinal Sinner : darkvixen

Cardinal of Souls : ISUCK69

Mother Superior of Giving Head : cassdra69

Bishop of War : livecorpse

Priest of Self Gratification : DoggieTom

Arch Bishop of Foul Play : SexyZen

Sister Submission : LeXXX

Cantor of Bloody Orgasms : sonicleash

Priestess of Nipple Play : KellyKat

Shaman of Ed Wood : steve00

High Priestess of Fucking Demons & Angels : DrkGoddess

Priestess of Perversion : isabeau

High Priestess of Madcap Tomfoolery : pinky

Prophet of Secret Liaisons : envyjoy

Priestess of the Pedophiles : dope

High Priestess of Virtual Vibrations : azcrazygur

Martyr of Sexual Frustration : IFeelSick

Prophet of Oral Sex : niprings

Demonic Evangelist of War : Grim

Rabbi of the Synagogue of Kink : Riotgirl

Masturbating Martyr : buriedlive

Altarboy of Pleasurable Sins : Buddah

Acolyte of Ignorance : cRazYwaDs

Shaman of Sexual Release : TripGirl

Ascetic Gnostic : tripsy

Sister Mary Spanka' : BitchLikeU

The Dervish Lama : Ragamuffin

Zombie Sister of Kink : flingspoo

crush #11 loserface
crush #12 TipC
crush #13 haze9

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink