Age: 38
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: slave to those who order food
Location: cumming (yea, i know, ha.), GA. USA

My Biography
♥ Jexxi- my dreamgirl. soooooooo sexi! ♥

aol aim: whokilldcheerldr

BACK IN THA GAME! WOOTY WOO! freshly thrusted back into the dating scene.. helloooo ladies and gents

Aquarius thanks so much for my membership, you rock and there just isn't any other way to put it. keep on truckin'

umm... i like cheese a lot. and i like drugs even more. you know what would kick some ass??? cheese flavored drugs. mmm......

if life is making sense you're not having fun! i was put on this earth to start trouble...

how do you hide money from a hippie? put it under the soap!!!

makes me wanna hump the stereo...
gwar, sublime, anti-flag, hillbilly hellcats, e-town concrete, the hellions, red hot chili pepers, (hed) pe, rolling stones, slayer, snot, cannibal corpse, anybody killa, the distillers, green day, nirvana, devotchkas, nekromantix, dying fetus, at the drive in, blind melon, powerman 5000, prodigy, dimmu borgir, bouncing souls, black flag, queens of the stone age, foo fighters, grateful dead, six feet under, garbage, lower class brats, mindless self indulgence, the left rights, the used, sex pistols, h20, 98 mute, misfits, cradle of filth, rancid, nofx, harvey danger, the ramones, the queers, leftover crack/choking victim/indk, guttermouth, 311, tupac, eminem, sevendust, violent femmes, bloodhound gang, crass, deftones, tsol, thrice, norma jean, wutang clan, agent orange, boy sets fire, dead kennedys, toxic narcotic, dave brockie experience, superjoint ritual, pantera, glassjaw, open hand, fear the clown, the meteors, hot water music, ja rule, johnny cash, shadows fall, millencolin, mxpx, nine inch nails, pennywise, nada surf, hemlock, dead milkmen, atari teenage riot, primer 55, project pat, sloppy seconds, pulley, run dmc, static x, pressure 4-5, the(international)noise conspiracy, the vandals, spineshank, radiohead, primus, buddy holly, the penguins, mary prankster, outkast, white zombie, sepultura, weezer... yea...

GWARis the band i listen to while masterbating w/my ex's dildo in my mom's bathroom while fantasizing about getting gangfucked by tattooed fuckers with long... thick... big... HARD... rubber spikes on their shoulders...

hey... here's my very own original joke...
how many shard tards does it take to screw in a light bulb?
answer: it doesn't matter, they're too busy trying to figure out how to smoke from it

you know, my mom used to say i was a slut, but now she says i'm a whore, because at least sluts keep their room clean.

and yes, i am a closet hippie. i make fun of hippies like mr. garison makes fun of gays. yea.

mmmmmmm body mods..
as it currently stands...
tattoo of cherries on my hip
half sleeve of original artwork
sublime 40 oz sun on my lower back (BIG)
"I (HEART) PUSSY" on my buttcheek
5 holes in right ear (1/2 inch, 1 10 gauge, and 3 14 gauges)
6 holes in left ear (1/2 inch, 1 10 gauge, 3 14's, and one 16 guage in tragus)
14 guage barbell in lower part of belly button
16 guage barbell in vertical labre
(4 tats, 13 holes)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink