Age: 36
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: professional body piercer
Location: kansas city, MO. USA
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My Biography

oh, where to start. i used to be freya7 on here now im xterminate.

general:traveling. going to markets. riding my bike. laughing. art. ceramics. tattoos. piercings/piercing. cuddling. my cats. dancing. shows. making out. doing IT. watching movies. p.b.r. dance parties. video games. naked swimming. reading the weirdest books. collecting the weirdest books. collecting purses and shoes and MAC makeup.

music:bjork. funker vogt. vnv nation. covenant. KMFDM. god module. goteki. cruxshadows. ayria. imperative reaction. the azoic. beborn beton. ladytron. apoptygma berzerk. front 242. hocico. assemblage 23. fischerspooner. l'ame immortelle.:wumpscut:. blutengel. razed in black. lords of acid. detroit cobras. mazzy star. neko case. patterson hood. truckstop honeymoon. drive by truckers. the pembertons. tom waits. split lip rayfield. bottles and skulls. GNR. the sadies. the 6ths. murder city devils. new order. the cure. joy division. depeche mode.

i remember when COA used to be fun.... :'(

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink