Age: 44
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: grave robber
Location: grand rapids, MI. USA
My Biography
"cuff em n stuff em"
- ive been sayin that shit b4 the dukes of hazards was a show.

^<|> ...i needs it!

some shit i like-
MUSIK:theinfamousmr.white!-metal-coal chamber-soad-loa-murderdolls-manson-flaw-cof-lolipoplustkill-razedinblack-jackoffjill-msi-plasticman-johnyrebbel-kittie-slipknot-hedpe-portishead-hatebreed-mudvayne-mushroomhead,etc...
THINGS:piercings, Jagermeister, well done tattoos, razors, art, graffiti, bjs, pain-recieving but more giving she likes it ruff, some techno music, hating ppl, n bein mad at the world, a little reading, dark clothing, BDSM, blood, razors, thunder and lightning, shiny stuff, acid, porn, mushrooms, beer, , the smell of skunks, and chronic bud , the smell of fresh tar, gasoline isnt bad either, liquor, hot kinky sexxx, yummy blood, pills, "friends", stupid internet >:
MOVIES:nightmarebeforechristmas-pulpfiction-beetlejuice-dracula-dusktilldawn-aclockworkorange-edwardsiscorhands-adamsandlermovies-cultmovies-oldkungfuflix-tromamovies-oldhorrormovies-somecartoons-fearandloathinginlasvagas-shit like that, ummmm... i dunno, ill probly add some more shit later on.

things i hate-
ravers, n-words, ghetto fux!-real and fake ass ones, bitch ass emo kids, too much makeup, girls who frequent tanners, most sports, hillbillies, people, the government - damn the man!-, country, cats, liars, poetry, "friends", cops, jail, and a lot of other stuff ill add later...

so about me-
im honest, pierced, adicted, angry,, i drink from broken bottles, hurt, i try to b artistic, depressed,, horny, in a bad mood, tired, easily entertained, funny when i want to b, sadistik, and of course some other shit ill add later...

what about u?

q.s?- ask me. that or go away n nevermind.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink