Age: 43
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Full Time Father
Location: Knoxville, TN. USA

My Biography
My daughter
My daughter is my life line. She is the reason that I'm who I am. With out her I would been nothing. I miss Kiana so much that I think that I'm going insane. Her mother is trying to kill me so that I'll never see her again. She know that keeping Kiana away from me is the best way to make my life a living H*ll. I'm not going to ever give up on Kiana. She's tryed to kill me three times now and I'm still here. Nothing will ever take my love for Kiana away from me. She's got my blood running though her and I will never give up, because I'm still here.

I'm off and on line now. I'm fighting to get my daughter back from her crackhead mother. I'm glad that I've got good friends out there to talk to when ever I need it. Thanks I need it right now. I missing my daughter so much that it's driving me KraZy. I didn't even get to talk to her on my birthday because of her mother.

My Life in a nut shell

What do you get when you have nothing but love to give, but no one to give it to? You get a single father that loves his daughter with all of his heart. What do you get when you have a dream about growing old with that right person? A never ending look for something that will never happen. This is my life and I like it this way. I've not found that women but I'll never give up on my dreams.

Thoughts from a insane mad man

Life is in reach-Trying to grab it-Not knowing up or down-Drowning in my own fears-Acid again-Never ending gel tabs-Cats in hats-Dogs in heat-Life fills like a maze-Trapped in my own ways-Need to change-Eyes spin in haze-Water running down glass-Cann't see clear-Flesh burns from all hate-Cutting open my skin-Razor blades in my way-Needles chasing me-Feel my path in life-Step in my shoes-Grip reality by its brains-See it all through eyes of a sane man-Colors melting in the way-Covers me-Trapping and smothering feelings-Emotions driving me insane-Cann't feel myself-Numbness is life-Hate is breed-Born but not wanting it-My daughter I did want-Life is complete-Now I can die-Love burns for her-And will always-I'll see everyone in heaven-Now is the end-Now we all die-Now is the time-So f*ck the government and the people's god

This is for people that don't = sh*t! It's a little about me and who I am.

Life's a bitch*Never knowing which way it's going to go*Wanting nothing but a family*Then watching it fall apart*Hurts loosing a part in the puzzle*The bricks start after that*I need at least one piece*There was three, now two*Can't see the picture and never will*The pain of lieing*The lines from wips start to show*Scard inside for life*Never going to happen again*Not having a listener*Pressure builds*Need help with flud*Find the corner in a circle*Keep up don't fall*Passes by like a clock*No opening or trusts*Eyes burn, cann't see*What's next, me* Cann't leave, Daddy*Love baby girl, I wouldn't*Climb without slipping*Jaw bone shows through*Fill out of place*Cold hearted and numb*Somebody else in the control seat*Out of continues*Deadness fills me*Life's out of reach*Death laughs at me*Can you handle hell*Or die off weak*I live to honor*Choose your side*I'll see you on the fronts

Help me please

I need to be punished for being a bad boy. I like just about any music. But I hate country music with a passion. I'm a Tru Juggalo to the end and after. I just moved here to Florida. And I don't know a soul in this state. I've got a 2 1/2 year old daughter that is my life and more. I just what to have some friends that are female. I don't care about what others say. I'm judge who I hang out with. If you like leave me some feed back. If not then leave now and never say a word about this page. It's for people that like sh*t like I do. That is Lords of Acid in the radio and a women by my side enjoying whatever she wants me to do to her. I enjoy pleaseing women, because it gets me off to see that I've done my job right.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink