Age: 46
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Dominating A Slave
Occupation: foot fetish guru
Location: Bluffdale, UT. USA

My Biography
I am 6 feet tall, 245lb.s, blue eyes and I have a foot partialism. I also love to travel and plan to see the world or at least as much as I can while I am still breathing. I also like to fuck and fuck and fuck, especialy girls named Lexi.

exerpts from the rubaiyat

Ah my beloved pour the cup that clears
Today of past regret and future fears
Tomorrow why tomorrow I may be myself after yesterdays seven thousand years

Threats of hell and hopes of paridise
One thing is certain this life flies
At least one thing is certain and the rest is lies
The flower once blown forever dies

Alike for those who for today prepare
And those that after some tomorrow stare
A muezzin from the tower of darkness cries, "fools! your reward is neither here nor there!"

for you
do not worry, i will be there, always

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink