Age: 41
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: head shop
Location: G'ville, FL. USA

My Biography
the shadows are sharp like hooks pulling at my skin.pulling..tugging..ripping how the beautiful blood flows like a river and brings hopes to not have to see another day.

This world i live in i diffrent than yours. I have come to realize...this world is nothing. It means nothing to me.

shaddow nonexsisting... feet floating... drawn to you... drawn to death.beauty

live... die...accept the truth...there is nothing else

tears of blood run down my face, i watch as life is slowly drained onto the pillow. My body becomes numb as the stain grows, thoughts remain clear, happiness surrounds me

The thought of death is always on my mind...Sometimes i must ask myself why i am still here.

the only moment of
true happiness was said to be the moment i saw the flat line

circle...circle...i keep ending back to where i have already been. Soon i believe that the middle of my circle will be filled with the knowledge that i have gained on my journey. my circle will becomes blowded and transforms into a sphere...that sphere will oneday explode reviling a evolved ...me.until then i will just keep running in circles getting dizzy.

All alone sitting here wondering how long it would take you to forget me, like you did them. Not so long i see, so don't make such a big deal if i am gone. Soon you will not remember, soon i will no longer be.

The times are changing, I am changing. Throught this past trek I have seemed to loose most of my friends. But I feel like i am moving foward for once. I miss them very much.... but i guess we all have to grow sooner or later.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink