Age: 47
Sex: Male
Occupation: Producer , Dj
Location: Westerlo Belgium
My Biography

It's the well-known story : BOY WITH A HOBBY becomes MAN WITH A JOB.
DJ Maurizzio, aka Maurits Engelen, Born on the fifth of December 1973,
Had his first release in 1990 when he was 16 (and probebly the youngest
producer in Belgium). At the age of 17, his uncle,Maurice Engelen, aka
Praga Khan (Lords of acid) and known from lots of other famous dance
projects, showed him the real world of dance-music at Antler-Subway.
One year later he could stay as in-house producer and it didn't take long
before the hit machine Took off. He started to work as DJ in different clubs
and party's, in Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and lots of other country's. In no
time he could work togheter with well-known DJ's as Frank Struyf, Marco Bailey,
System D, Dj Storm, Phil Rodriguez, and many more. He did the engineering of
many dance projects as K-lab, witch is now the succesfull formation Milk Inc.
In less than 2 years he created a lot of smashing monsterhits "Sniff"
(Marco Bailey), "Carat Traxx 2- The Message"(Zolex)''. At the age of 21 Maurits
wanted to discover other horizons and started to work, freelance based, for
other labels as 21stïCentury, Byte, Paradiso. But somebody like him who really
puts his soul in what he's doing, mainly wants surencess and respect. And so
in 1998 Maurits signed exclusif at ''CNR-Arcade Music''. The same year he started
to play the records at ATMOZ (Turnhout). That year he
had the goodselling compilation cd called "DJ Maurizzio vol.1 (DJ collection)". In 1999
he started the project "PRIDE" (Turn it up)and the meanwhile famous project
"MAURIZZIO"(New emotion, Future love, Feelings and runaway). In the beginning of the year
2000 he started the clubproject "Liberty" (Why) on the No Name label witch was
a number one in the dance charts in Belgium and Spain "again".The same year he had
his first album of "Maurizzio" and at the same time a compilation cd called my "name is trance".
At the end of 2002 he started to work on a new project (electro) wich is called Guardenia.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink