Age: 37
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Certified Pharmacy Technician
Location: Phoenix, AZ. USA
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My Biography

Slightly insane, bubbly, sarcastic, cynical AND cheerful... the main aspects seen when talking to me for more than five minutes, along with the fact that i'm a major geek. Internet memes and gamer references abound in my vocabulary, and don't even get me started on World of Warcraft, unless you ~really~ want to hear me go gamer nuts. ^.~

What I less than three

Video games. Alt rock/pop/experimental music. Blaring Lords of Acid music in my car with the sunroof open and the windows down. Terry Pratchett novels. Dogs. Fantasy novels. My sister, who is a Lords of Acid fan in training. Snarky Tshirts. Webcomics. Boys who wear more makeup than me (which is actually quite easy). Flirting with boys on WoW. Flirting in general. Texting random quotes overheard to my friends. Cherry Coke Zero.

"Even ordinary books are dangerous, and not only ones like 'Make Gelignite the Professional Way'. A man sits in some museum somewhere and writes a harmless book on political economy and suddenly thousands of people who haven't even read it are dying because the ones who did haven't got the joke. Knowledge is dangerous, which is why governments often clamp down on people who can think above a certain caliber." -- Terry Pratchett, 'The Last Continent"

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink