Age: 54
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Dating
Occupation: Day-DeskJockey:Eve.-DiscJockey
Location: IL USA
My Biography
Desk jockey by day, disk jockey by night. Single again. Streaming mixes--for you, from me--are on my website. Check 'em out if you dare...

Fan of LOA & related groups. Also a fan of Joy Division & Bauhaus (and their related groups). I presently have over 10,000 records (not including CD's) in my library (some of which are LOA/Praga Khan/"New Beat"/Kaos Records releases) and have been spinning since 1986 pro/semi-professionally in some way... I can probably identify many of your unknown songs--hell, I probably even have a copy of it in my collection... ;)

I also dig "independent" cinema and clunky Doc Martens boots/shoes (esp. with steel toes)--they really "kick ass!" ;)

Tootsie Roll candies rule. ♥ Really. Yes, they do.

How can "black" be one's favorite color? In terms of color, black is the absence of all color (the opposite of white, which has all colors in it). Instead, you might as well say "plaid" is your favorite color when asked...

My avatar photo was a photo of a Roland TB303, without which there would be no "Acid" to be a lord of...

Coincidence? Porno starlet Ginger Lynn, Groovie Man (of MLWTTKK), and I all share a "home town..."

But then again, Cheap Trick & the "Michelle" in Destiny's Child are also from here, (along with George from US Big Brother Season 1 and some girl named after a French city who is doing well on the lastest American Idol) so... But, so is the incredible vocalist Ann Nesby!!

Weirdest quote overheard: "I was born at a very young age..."

You're unique--just like everyone else...

WOO! HOO! My profile has been viewed 69 times as of today (29 July 2004)!

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink