Age: 35
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Student
Location: I don't even know anymore USA
My Biography
Tessa: "So like there's this girl with some weird birth mark that lives down the hall, that's the roomate of the one with the hair, and like the one with the hair and this other girl that lives next door was like talking shit and saying all this stuff about this girl and like now they're mad at me 'cause they've been sayin' that I've been sayin' the stuff they've said about this girl, you know behind their backs and all. But they won't tell me what I've been saying about what they've said to other people. But like I haven't been saying shit about the shit that they've said about this girl. And like the one with the hair is like mad, but she didn't seem mad. And like I don't know now there's all this drama and they're like getting other people mad at me and on their side. Fuck."

Tom: It's cold....
Me: yup
Tom:....fucking global warming my ass

In college, sleep is not an option.

I think I'm begining to see why many other gay men just meet people to fuck. I have mental problems that I'm dealing with and then my boyfriend clearly has some sort of social anxity disorder or something and he refuses to get help. Then periodically he'll have some sort of crack and lay all this shit of things I've done wrong to him socially when if he had just said something at the time I would have been able to fix things. But nooooo "I was afraid I'd hurt/upset/bother you." And he's the one that complains about other queers feeding off of drama.

Online Convo
Anna: Where'd you gooooo?
Me: I had a spontanious ejaculation thinking of Dan so I had to change me pants.
Me: nooo...I got a drink

BrdwyBum: this guy
BrdwyBum: from SB who likes me
bluesmoke22: do tell
BrdwyBum: is STILL hitting on me
BrdwyBum: ok
BrdwyBum: well, we were in improv together
BrdwyBum: and he likes me
BrdwyBum: and so every time i talk to him he hits on me
BrdwyBum: and asks what i'm wearing, and is basically kinda perverted...
BrdwyBum: but he's ok
BrdwyBum: so i stick around and just drill it into his head that I'M A LEEESBIAN
BrdwyBum: but nooooo
BrdwyBum: he still thinks he has a chance
BrdwyBum: and we were going to go to the movies on saturday against my will, and i was like, this sounds like a date, and he's like, it kind of is, and i'm like NO I'M A LEEEEEEEEEESBIAN
BrdwyBum: and he's like, would u get mad if i held ur hand?
BrdwyBum: and i'm like YES
BrdwyBum: so that's the story

DarkFphoenix: (Link:
DarkFphoenix: go there
bluesmoke22: eeewwww I like horror movie gory not something that looks as if it could be real gory
DarkFphoenix: it is real
DarkFphoenix: suicide by train
DarkFphoenix: gross huh!!!
bluesmoke22: my uncle did that
DarkFphoenix: =-o i'm sorry
DarkFphoenix: so um new topic :-d
bluesmoke22: yeeeeaaaah
DarkFphoenix: um how bout who u think is hot at outright :-d
bluesmoke22: boyfriend

Mood: eh not good not bad
Music: White Zombie
Doing: about to something

Funny things my Mother! said at different times in response to my sexuality:

Mom: ?So do you have a crush on him or something?? She said in a joking way, reffering to the half-naked picture of Connor Trinneer (the character Trip from Star Trek Enterprise) on my wall.
Me: Yes
Mom: Wide eyed?. ?Oh?you?re gay??
Time goes by and shit is said.
Mom: ?Have you tried looking at that Vulcan girl, T?Pol? Besides those two lumps on her chest she looks kind of boyish.
My friend?s response to this: ?Hey, next time if she says Kilingon women you?re golden!?

Mom: "Does this mean you're going to be wearing womens clothing?"

Mom: Do gay men wear boxers or briefs?
Me: WHAT?!?!

Mom: (To my dad) ...Well, at least he's not homocidal (sp?) or in a gang.

Mom: I just realized that you're like having another girl...especially when it comes to dating. If you were striaght then I'd only have to really worry about you getting your feelings hurt. But now I have to worry about you getting raped, physically hurt, and wheather he uses a condom or not. And you're too nice and trusting, just because you talk with these men there doesn't mean you should trust them.
Me: Mom...I'm not stupid, and I don't trust them. And if you think I'm too nice then you haven't seen me around people in public have you? I'm not going to sleep around...and we've had this exact conversation before when I first came out to you. I like monogoamous (sp?) relationships, and I'm not going to go sleep around.
Mom: but then there's the condom thing, and gay men are more subseptible to getting AIDS.
Me: That's a sterotype, and I'd be able to feel if he's wearing a condom or not.
Mom: How would you know what it feels like? And he'd be behind you so you wouldn't even be able to see if he's wearing it or not.
Me: Umm...I'd put it on him.
Mom: but he could put it on and show you but then take it off behind your back....
Me: ...and there's more ways to having sex where they're not *behind* me...
Mom:...well I don't want to know all the pretzel shapes
Me: Pretzel shapes?

Here's some more weird info on my mom. Her first car she had was right before I was born, so she was about 31, and she blew the speakers turning up the radio too loud. Fastforward 17 years to...umm...this year. She and I were driving home from her mother's house when I put in a CD...Marylin Manson - Holywood.

Mom: Oh I love this song *cranks up the stereo*
Me: You what??!!??
Mom: Yeah, I only get to hear him when on the radio though. The Beautiful People is the best...I didn't know you bought the albums. Didn't I tell you never to listen to him?
Me: Yeah, but you just said you liked him, so aren't you being hypocritical?
Mom: *Turns up radio to 80%*

Music: Lords of Acid, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Smashing Pumpkins, H♥le, Nirvana, deftones, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Kittie, Korn, Rob/White Zombie, NIN, Manson, and much much more.

There are too many anti-gay stickers around that are humorous "It was Adam and Eve not Bill and Steve" or "Mom and Dad not Fred and Ted". The best one out there for queers is "I can't even think straight." ...ha...funny. :S Thankfully I see more and more of those rainbow strips everywhere.

I want a bumper sticker that says "Proud parent of D students."

Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

You know your teenage years are coming to an end when all the bands you listen to are coming out with their Greatest Hits albums.

"It's no wonder we know how to dress. We've spent centuries in closests." ~Isaac Mizrahi

"Hetrosexuality is not normal, its just more common." ~Dorothy Parker

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink