Age: 54
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Monk
Relationship: Married
Occupation: medical supply
Location: clanton, AL. USA
My Biography
1)what works in fantasy dosent neccessarly work in reality.
2)you are what you are now because of what you use to be.
3)you can tell the people who kno people from the people who dont by the people who allways have to tell you who they kno.
4)live the life you love choose the God you trust and dont take it all to seriously.
5)if somone has to convience you sompthings a good idea its probally not.
6)a little pain never hurt anyone.
7) changed my mind on #7 thinking bout it rt now...

8)50/50 odds are not an acceptable risk.
9)I do not want my obituary to read dissapeard from radar.......

10)remember what the door knob said???
Music,the dammned phatasamagoria,flour luv713 (let me kno if you have a copy) siouxsie , love&rockets,daniel ash. curve,cure,cocteu twins, skinny puppy(& I live to tell about it). sun-60. cut chemist. the dukes of the stratosphear. the jesus & mary cha.
in. bauhaus. joy division. TKK. pendulum. pink floyd. utah saints. timbuk 3. psykosonic. ministry.........

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