Age: 52
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: HLBS(High-Level Bullshit)
Location: Chicago, IL. USA
My Biography
-Ad Libitum-

Einstein had it wrong: X=me²

Small minds seek to judge, as if they know more. Great minds seek to understand, so that they will.

Question not if I'll eat you, my love... but whether I'll cook you first.

Yes, honey, you have a great ass. If you'd only paid as much attention to your soul...

I never set out to be a top. I just happen to have big hands and a knack for knots.

Knowledge is a form of fiction... not born of fact, but of conviction.

Some love to live. Others live to love. Few know the difference.

Perhaps the meek will inherit the earth, but the bold will have such stories to tell!

If you're one of those people who perform random acts of kindness... I'd like a blowjob, please.

The mind is indubitably the most potent sex organ. Without it, you may as well be jazzercising.

-A Toast-
There are girls at whom you look and want to love until you die
and girls at whom you look and want to spank until they cry
Sure, proper girls are cute and mom will surely love them best
but naughty girls will fuck you hard and leave scars on your chest!


My dear friend and fellow philosopher. We picked up train wrecks...we picked up women... we loved them all.
There is nothing...absolutely nothing like drinking godfathers and writing prose. You, my friend, are a man among beasts and a prince among men. Don't ever forget that.


Words. Love them or hate them. It makes no difference to me. In a world full of puddles, an ocean is easily lost. Read on...

-Misfit Toys-

Come to the land of the misfit toys
Where men can be women and girls can be boys
Where you can do anything you want to do
Where all of your fantasies just might come true

Where mice become men and lions are tamed
Where everyone strips off their everyday names
Where all are then free of societal clothes
and may travel together to Nobodyknows

To swim in the fountain of pleasure and bliss
The teasing, the torture, the thrill of the kiss
The way your head swoons and your flesh becomes flushed
at the feel of a hand as your body is touched

Take your mind on a joyride to Neverknowwhere
and surely you'll find yourself when you get there
explore those dark corners in your own strange lands
and find yourself putty in somebody's hands

Come to the land of the misfit toys
unearth all your fantasies, hunt down your joys
realize your dreams and confront your fears,
a rainbow of happiness found in your tears.

- Inside Out-
I'll stay inside you just one day
So you can hide, so I can play
And when I turn you inside out
I'll make you scream, I'll make you shout

I'll drive you hard, torment you long
til you don't know what's right or wrong
I'll shame you into being good
until I'm finally understood.

I'll tie you up, I'll throw you down
you'll take me whole, I won't slow down
I'll make you come and come again
waves on an ocean without end.

I'll make you plead for more and more
I'll feign disinterest, grab the door
and you will cry when I do go
You'll want to say "I love you so."

I'll turn my back and walk away
you'll wonder if I'll call someday
and when I do, you'll hate me then
and still, you'll want me, little friend.

Again I'll scrub your dirty mind
There is no rush, I'll take my time.
you'll ask me in to cleanse your sins
and in the end... we both will win.

You, strong of mind, so wild and free
when all is said, belong to me.
Each time I walk inside your head
You'll wish I took your heart instead.


Beautiful, sensual you.
Touch yourself for me?

You make your own heat
generating, penetrating
searing, sweaty wet heat!

You make your own power
thrashing, gnashing,
rumbling, trembling power!

Honey, when I am done with you,
they could light up Broadway
with the energy coming off your ass...


From far off I feel it coming
as hot wet air drives into us
the stifling , searing heat
your breath becomes fast and shallow
marking the thunder's beat...

Lightning strikes in the distance
holding you tighter now I see
flashes rip through those dark clouds
you can't get close enough to me
as the great storm begins...

I see it running down your skin
wetness flows like steaming dew
my thirsty body drinks it in
as I press tighter into you
hearts pounding ever harder...

Then it's upon us, all around
those brilliant beautiful flashes
the incredible earthshaking sound
bodies flinch and spasm in
that wonderful thunderstorm...

Slowly, it moves to the distance
we feel little jolts now and then
gentle murmurs left behind
Nature's little reminders of
the storm left in your mind...

As the world returns to normal
and night gives in to day
just when it all seems to come to an end
You look up at me smiling and say...
"MMMmmmm, baby, do that again?"

-The Garden-
In my slumber, darkest sleep
midnight silence, dreams so deep
you walk among the gardens of my mind.
Fleeting glimpses of your smile
the birds are flirting, all the while
their airy music keeping perfect time.

The scent of you pervades the air
above the flowers, everywhere
it's blending in yet smelling sweeter still.
I note the color of your eyes
under those sun-drenched azure skies
and know of them I'll never get my fill.

I see the outline of your face
so full of life, of love, of grace
your figure casting shadows on my heart.
You are so near to me it seems
and yet, although it's just a dream
I pray to God that we may never part.

I watch the wind dance with your dress
and hear your gentle laugh confess
just as you disappear again behind the trees,
that you prefer this pas-de-deux
much more than you let on, in lieu
of saying that you're still in love with me.

The sun shines through your flowing hair
as my heart skips you turn and stare,
beckoning me to follow you back home.
And yet, I know it's all a game
you'll never really feel the same
the way you felt so deeply long ago.

But still, I wonder now and then,
is it just folly or pretend?
Perhaps it just your way of passing time?
One thing's for sure, my little friend
I hope that it will never end,
your walking through the gardens of my mind.

-The Rock and The Butterfly-

Flutter by, my butterfly, beautiful as you are
I sit here smiling at the sight... I know you won't go far

Flash your beauty, spread your charm, show your heavenly face
Deep down you know upon whose arm you land to get your grace.

A simple stone, a rock, no more, but surely nothing less.
You're home, you're safe and very warm on the rock that you love best.

Now, when storms gather and they blow you gladly cling to me,
but when the sun returns you go and my love sets you free.

And now I sit and count the days since you flew out alone.
It's lonely, yet, I don't regret my choice to be your home.

So flutter by my butterfly, I know your passion burns!
You know your place will still be safe when you choose to return.

-The Ringer-

You look so scared, dear little one,
lying so bare. Not having fun?
You begged me to come out and play
to grant to you your wish today.

Sure, you can hide, but you can't run.
I've got you tied; I hold the gun.
So free your mind, just fly away,
but know you're mine. Your body stays.

That was the deal you made with me.
I'd make you feel,you'd set me free.
Now, open up and let me in.
Just take the cup. Confess your sins.

And when it's done I'll let you go.
We've had our fun. No marks to show,
save those inside your pretty head.
Inside your mind. The part you fled.

That space is now my tiny vault.
You feel, somehow, it's all your fault.
That's where I'll keep my precious things
'til once again my cell phone rings.

(all material copyright©, 2002, Do not copy or distribute without permission.)
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