Age: 50
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Anything that Pays
Location: San Antonio, TX. USA
My Biography
I wish I would have taken Maurice up on his offer and gone to work for them instead of going on the JPJ tour. Other than that I am wandering the earth brewing up trouble and trying not to end up in jail again...

Lord of the Wood

Goat boy smashing through the trees
Leaving not a trace
Track me through the wilderness
I shall run from your civilization
Lady Death knows the secrets
She shall welcome me home in the end
The dark cold embrace of her arms shall give me release
This world is wrong
And those who destroyed it shall reap what they have sown
But maybe it will be the children
That they shall never know
This is a justice of sorts

Free the Ladies

Beautiful woman
Full of form
Slender in motion
Soft to the touch

My extacy in your arms
Has known heavens indescribable
Your long absence
Has been my personal hell

Come back some day
I was not angry
I am never a danger
But you did piss me off

I can forgive
Though my memory is long
And the streak of mule you liked in me
Can kick rather hard at times

Forgive me for being crass
Put up with my regular smell
Accept me for my maleness
And I will gladly try again

No matter words said in anger
You are beautiful
You are brilliant
You are so far away

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink