Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Metrosexual
Relationship: Committed and Cheating
Occupation: Electro-Optical Engr. Stdnt.
Location: New Ulm, MN. USA
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My Biography
I am a lost eccentric soul in search of the mysteries behind the curtain of reality. I am found divided between that which is real, and that which is ultimately more real, thus lost in this realm of matter, a soul in bondage. I am an emotional masochist, and love the pains of heartache. I find myself a sort of social philosopher, and can not find others who, like myself are interested in things actually interesting. I like the Lords of Acid. I like the Doors. I like DJ Irene. I like White/Rob Zombie. I like Led Zeppelin. I like Jenna Jameson. I like the Lord of the Rings. I like Harry Potter. I like Italian food. I want to learn Latin and Hebrew. I like literature. I like movies. I love sex. I love kinky sex.
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