Age: 34
Sex: Female
Relationship: Dating and Cheating
Occupation: Student, Customer Service
Location: OK
My Biography
I'm usually the youngest in most social situations, so it doesn't surprise me that I do not see many 17 year olds on this site.

I have three pets and they are my existance, aside from my best friend Kristle but she would say my pets are more important to me. I have a Russian Blue cat of 14 years old, a Boston Terrier that is 3 years old, and a ferret that is almost 2. (Names, in order: Busdriver, Manson and Senor Stinky Pablo)

My given name is Josilyn, but I was called Josi before I even left the hospital room. My main interests are the anatomy of gummy bears, different ways to wash my face, and nonmechanical pencils. I have day-terrors of grabbing a razor instead of a toothbrush and slicing my gums open, hitting my chin on something and biting my tongue off, and nuclear war. I want my own fallout shelter. I hate crosswords and do wordfinds sideways. I buy books a lot and blame them for my low Grade Point Average. In conclusion, I draw way too many dead animals.

I have a deep voice, a southern accent, a loud laugh and a foul mouth. I almost never wear makeup and when I do, my eyeliner stays on for about a week. I almost never wash my hair. I smell like Arby's roast beef and car fluids (because i work at arby's, and my car is a piece so i have to work on it all the time.) My hobbies include making kristle laugh, embarassing kristle in public, and exposing myself in conversation to make a point.

i really have no other way of describing myself.

If you tried to get to Narnia through your closet as a kid, you are ok with me.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink