Age: 37
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Child Behavior Specialist
Location: Boston, MA. USA
My Biography
IF YOU'RE FROM BOSTON... E-MAIL MEEEEEEEE!!!!! I WANNA MEET KIDS IN THE AREA :-D (if not u can still mail me hehe)

Dec 6th 1983

20 years old

sign: Sagi

fav color: blue or green

fav food: steak

fav ice cream: Half Baked from Ben + Jerry's

sexual orintation: straight

Nickname(s)?: Papa smurf or Cam

Pets?: allergic :(

Eye colour?: brown... sometimes yellow or green tho

Piercing(s)?: none but i loooove them on girls

Tattoos?: None but i loooove them on girls

How much do you love your job?: I have an amaising job workin w/ kids

Hometown?: Queens, NYC

Current Residence?: Boston MA

Been to Africa?: No

Been toilet papering?: Nope... I had mean parents... had me on lock down all my life :( o well

Been in a car accident?: no

Croutons or bacon bits?: never had either... i'm a really picky eater

Sprite or 7 Up?: deff mountain dew

Favourite Movie?: well... i own over 500 sooo... i dunno but id have to go w/ like "Natural Born Killers" or "Patch Adams"

Favourite Holiday?: ne one where i can be lazy and sleep

Favourite day of the week?: any day that i can fall asleep

Favourite word or phrase?: "That Works"

Favourite toothpaste?: I dont have teeth

Favourite restaurant?: Pizzaria Uno

Favourite Flowers?: ne flower that make a girl happy

Favourite Drink?: no alkyhol 4 me. i'm sXe

Favourite sport to watch?: Football... i looove the Jets

Favourite Sesame Street Character?: Elmo no fuckin contest

Disney or Warner Bros.?: W.B. of coruse... there theme parks are closer

Favourite fast food restaurant?: Wendy's

When was your last hospital visit?: last? like i ever left

What colour is your bedroom carpet?: just a big black hole lead to hell

How many times did you fail your drivers test?: 2x hehe i couldnt parrellel park haha

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: No I'm a good little boi... i have a completely clean record :-D

Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card?: does e-bay count as a store hahahaha

What do you do most often when you are bored?: masturbate... on average 5x a day

Who are your friends that live the farthest away?: whats a friend?

Bedtime?: whats that... i have a computer :-D

Favourite all time TV show?: Invader Zim

Last person you went out to dinner with?: my ex... took her to the Top of the Hub

Last movie you saw?: The Musketeer

Giver or Reciever: Deff love to give... i love to please ;)

Personality trate that describes u best?... PERVERTED :-D ooo baby baby baby haha

I fall aleep very peacefully listening to "The Beautiful People" every day.

ya i'm a dork....
i really am a dork....

a date to me is like blockbuster and oral sex

hehe... that would be cool

PS... my pick up line... how bout u sit on my face and i lick ur box =)


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink