Age: 46
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married and Cheating
Occupation: tech support geek
Location: Bland Rapids, MI. USA
My Biography
music, computers, cats, chai, velvet, incense, antiques, records, horror movies, corsets, black, vinyl, concerts, dance, sushi, strongbad emails, spikey hair, intelligence, vintage shopping, tatoos, sterling, chicago, big shoes, cocktails, cloves, time travel, eras, sarcasm, reality shows, amityville horror, sifl and olly

everything else. oh, and dullards.

* industrial * elektro * new wave * synthpop * new romantic * ebm * classical * trip hop * gothic * ethereal * rockabilly (I know, huh?)

tech support during the day, DJ at nite. i have an 80?s new wave/synthpop/dance nite on sundays in GR. anything from Bauhaus to Big Country, with 80?s music videos played in the background. i play violin and like to be left alone. my cat is awesome. my boyfriend is punk rawk. right now i?m living in an attic in a haunted house.

* Duran Duran * Depeche Mode * Japan * Sad Lovers and Giants * Snake Corps * Tones on Tail * Bauhaus * Siouxsie * Skinny Puppy * Stromkern * In Strict Confidence * Apop * Haujobb * Evil?s Toy * Informatik * Stravinsky * Shostakovitch *

my friend abraxus instructed me to put this damn thing up so here it is. that is the only reason. i don?t think i?m super cool. i?m just somewhat cool. i don?t usually like to chat so don?t get mad. yes i?m pissy. deal. maybe i?m just pissy today. ask abraxus, he?ll tell you what mood i?m in.
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink