Age: 33
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Becoming unhumane
Location: Baytown, TX. USA
My Biography
Me in a nutshell:
I am creator of worlds,lands,people,and voices of my head and on writing. I was given this power to make my imagination be able to be put on paper. I am one of those people who are never in the ordinary world or ever follow mainstream...

What's your favorite song right now?
Rough Sex-Lords of Acid
Sugar-System of a Down
Right Now-Korn
Wait and Bleed-Slipknot

Gravity Kills,Nirvana,Slipknot,Union Underground,KISS,Saliva,System of a Down,any Industrail Rock,Heavy Metal,Core Techno, and Trance music.
I love the way the music sucks me right in and starts to control my body whenever Im writing or Dancing.

The Abyass,Interview with the Vampire,and Queen of the Dammed, and all of the Matrixs.
They all have really hot and cute guys and girls. Plus good story lines,dark settings and makes you be in awe and wonder. Queen of the Damn and Interview are hits my most erotic,seducutive and Dark Arua parts of my mind.

My favorite book is any of the Ender series and Talented Series. I really love the Sci-fi scence and yet I love being trapped into the Fantasy scence too.

I believe in that whatever you write in any kind of medium becomes true on some sort of plane of exsisetence. The reason why we have so many novels is because certain people become attuned with these realms and channel them into themselfs.

I have three cats
Enu-little Devil or Imp. My black cat and special kittie.
Eyeball-A little yellow kitten who will follow you in the dark.
Bezelbulb-I mean and deamonic white cat that will rip dogs apart. HE IS AWSOME!!!

Johnny Depp, because I can think of some very good exotic "fantasys" that he can play in my head. I loved him from BLOW.

The Void is the esence of everything, nothing and anything. From it comes the Stars,Us, and the universe that we see. It is the only truth of everything. Earth is only a dillusion of the Void...

By Dusty the Antichrist

Miscellaneous & Random:
I would love to play all of the parts from any of the Sleeping Beauty books from Ann Rice. LORDS OR ACID AND ROCKBITCH RULE THE WORLD!!!

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink