Age: 40
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: coffee house
Location: bristol, PA. USA
My Biography
i'm currently planning a trip to arizona sometime in early january. if anyone has any suggestions of what to do, where to stay, who to see, i'd love to hear about it. thanx.

a little hard to explain me only because i can't fit into one category. i'm not goth, a raver, a punk or anyone thing. i'm just a little bit of each without crossing the line of turning into a poser. i enjoy, rather, love photography, nature, music, especially live shows. nothing gets me going like a live show. i love to hear from people. i'm a borderline dork and get a tingle everytime i sign onto this site and i see i have new mail. i would probably get a little more of a tingle if i signed on and discovered i had a new male (ha ha ha).

"ask me no questions, i'll tell you no lies"

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink