Age: 36
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: student / photographer
Location: Vineland, NJ. USA
My Biography
art is war -- there will be casualties

> my name is elaine, bruiser or e-rock if you prefer, i'm complicated (or atleast i like to think so). i like music, books, and art. i'm sure you do too. i smoke cigarettes, i drink coffee, and i'm a social disaster waiting to happen.

> i thrive on music. my all-time favorites include (but are not limited to) glassjaw, F44:876, the smiths, the cure, tiger army, le tigre, bikini kill, sleater-kinney, thrice, say anything, garbage, no doubt, and AFI. at the moment, i really enjoy hearing the sounds of otep, hoobastank, damien rice, and they might be giants.

> i read. i read a lot. it's impossible to choose a favorite book, but right now i happen to reading "house of leaves". i suggest reading it. immediately.

> i'm very sarcastic and quick-witted. be forwarned. i'm also a self-proclaimed elitist. i'm fascinated with beatnik and 60s and 70s art. that makes me cooler than you :)

> i absolutely adore tracey mistreatME (my best friend and partner in crime). we're so very much in love. we do many silly things. many crazy things. i don't think i could live without her.

> i also absolutely adore james ifeelsick (also known as the '?!'). he is the coolest guy i have ever talked to. and he seriously needs to come to new jersey and hang out with me!

me: i want me some booty.
tracey: bah bah blacksheep have ye many wool? yes sir, yes sir, 3 barrels full.

hearts, stars, and mystery

=\The CoA LGLF/=

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General Hottness (Second in command) - TheMartyr
Colonel of "Covert Operations" - Talos
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