Age: 60
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: injecting controled substances
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
My Biography
whats to tell? i dont own my own city state or nation.....yet.
i invented sliding. oh, and:

quote: "mu"
personal ethic: "if life hasnt been a great
adventure for you
still got time"
(thank you susan werner)

hobbies: "ing"

1: did, um, "stuff" with the
producers of the simpsons.
2: been dead a few times, alive
a few times plus one.
3: once threw a three cc syringe
with needle through a 2"
opening at twenty feet.
didnt bother repeating.
4: i still have evelyn's sock.
5: patented "the subsonic
harmonic resonator. (in other
words, "its a vibrator" and
yes, its real :)
1 smoke dope with willie nelson

2 get the lords of acid to play for my

3 have the lords of acid play tracs for the
subsonic harmonic resonator.

4 i always wanted to destroy something
beautiful, like possibly take an amish
chick to burning man.

5 take said amish chick (see above) to the
kamasutra club.
6 play stratocaster banjo.
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink