Age: 43
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: being a Mommy
Location: Rockford, IL. USA

My Biography
♥ The Missy Files ♥

I'm a Mommy....*gasp* And I am loving each and every second of it!! My son is now walking, talking and being oh-so handsome!!

Born and raised in Chicago. Just recently moved to Rockford... Love music, mainly, Insane Clown Posse ((J--love him)), Twiztid, Lords of Acid, ABK, Blaze, Kottonmouth Kings, tech N9ne ((love you Aaron!!)), DJ Loverboy, DOA, Delta-9, DJ Funk and many others. A wrestling fan. Love horror movies ((Halloween, Evil Dead, Nightmare, Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, nearly every zombie movie in existanst.)) and anything having to do with ghosts.

Every where I go, I scream JUGGALO!!! You don't wanna tussle with a down-ninjette.
It's not a fan base, it's family...something most people don't have. I've never had more luvin' in my life 'til I met my juggalos and those special 'lettes ;) ...AND don't bother asking me about that damn fued with Eminem, it's old, it's stupid, so just....blah.

Loved the Lords since the tender age of 13. Can't pick just one favorite song or album. Guess it depends on the mood I'm in.

I'm not as unique as many of the other people here, but I'm unique in my own way.

I love piercings. I am quite sad though that when I took mine out for a surgery, all but my ears and labret closed up.

Now, if you've been wanting to get to know me, or have been talking to me, and now notice I am hardly on, it's because my job and boyfriend and son have been taking up all my free time....but still send me mail and that love that ya'll give so greatly.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink