Age: 33
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Curious
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Thrifter/Farmhand
Location: Glen Rock, PA. USA
My Biography
Err ...
I rarely ever make a profile as I never talk much of myself.

I ... yea ... I'm lost.

A friend gave me a LoA album a few years ago, and after I moved I found it - figured "why the hell not" and stuck it back in. Fell for it from then, and keep going deeper.

I'm also an Athiest and an Anarchist. I used to be a part of a Jackass-esque group where I used to live, and have made a video already that we haven't published, but I hope to on the web after I get a better/faster modem.

I have fulltime school, and work 30+ hours a week. Plus my decent social life, I'm only home so much, and when I should be asleep I'm usually up doing nothing.

I like to talk, but I'm kinda shy and bleh.

I now shovel horse shit for a living. Work alot, pays good,work with alot of people thatI already know and get well along with. Six days a week, ten hours a day. I mostly sleep on my day off,though.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink