Age: 39
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: several occupations
Location: Lancaster, PA. USA
My Biography
♥ I just added a new song of mine called "Once I Was Myself"... check it out on http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/585/send_in_the_lions.html ....just register on the site and enjoy,,,, I play the guitar,bass,drums and vocals on all my songs... I also have another 5 member band thats releasing songs in the near future.... enjoy ♥

My day began as anyother. The sharp peircing light of dawn stripping away the comfort of darkness in which I lie. My lead-lined eyelids slowly lifting me into the birth of a new day. I look hungry for sleep as I sit up in bed, glancing at my down filled pillow in jealousy. But alas... for this is my punishment from a night filled with drugs and booze; a cornicopia of fun and reblious behavior are forgotten with this new day.... replaced with the pounding and throbbing rhythm of an intense hangover. It's as if there was a massive orgy in my head, and I wasnt invited. So let me go praise the Gods of Asprin and I'll be sure to tell of my life when the tribal beats have finished pounding in my head...

Ahhhh.... hello fellows and girls dressed in yellow. Some call me Travis, some call me T.J., some call me Zeebarf, and you can call me different. I enjoy the pleasures of cannibus sativa and composing ear-candy. I have found myself to be recently single and testing the so called "waters" for tastier fish. So far I havent kept anything that has tugged on my line. Musically I am turned on by mixes of Sinatra, L.O.A. (of course), druid hymns,,,,,, ok, fuck this.... I enjoy too much to explain my musical tastes, just as long as it envokes a feeling from within. People consider me an oddity... perhaps because I am the melting pot for every stereotype there is.... been called a jock,prep,goth-head, and pot-head. Headbanger,punk,dumbass, and smartass. Witty and charming... with a penis that's alarming.... ok, I had to show some humour as far as my enlarged penis is concerned... so anyway, time is precious to me so I am leaving now... more when Im bored...

6/10/2003- 12:03 PM
Mmmmmm..... Juan Valdez makes a tasty coffee. Must be all the donkey sex that gives it that "kick". Anyway, as I sit upon my uncomfortable chair typing this, I realized that I have over 40 unread messages on this site. I sit and read a few... answer a few... delete a few, but nothing strikes curiousity in my eyes. With messages like "Hi" or "Hot pic"... politeness is ok, but cut the crap. In the internet world those phrases have become cliche. If my profile has diverted enough attention to envoke a message from you.... at least try and be just a tad more original... tell me of yourself... tell me some deep dark secret... ok.. I'll be back... time to leave for the day

6/10/2003 3:00 pm
I found myself on a stroll through the park today. The peer-pressures of boredom have made me discover that my legs were meant for walking. I wince in slight pain as I step outside, from the blinding light of the tears shed by the sun. I now realized what Gizmo meant by "bright light..bright light..". After a minute of letting my eyes adjust to my surroundings, I proceeded down my buggy-infested street. Damn amish... when will they learn that horses were meant for dog food and Big Macs... not for transporting butter-churners with ZZ Top beards. They got legs... they know how to use them (hence the ZZ Top quote...).
After 10 minutes of walking I arrive in front of a park known as East Lambpeter Park. "Funny", I thought..."to name a place after the genitals of a lamb.... must have been named by an amish guy..". So I sit here with my laptop on a slowly turning child's merry-go-round...waiting for something interesting to take place. I'll be in touch later... when my mind stops wandering...oh by the way... I updated my site at Zeebarf.com (the floating severed head on there is a very good likeness of myself)... made a new cartoon on there as well... just click on the flash icon... ok, im done whoring myself to the masses... I am the weakest link, Goodbye

6/11/2003 3:00AM
I sit and wonder.... my mind working overtime with no extra pay. What the hell do you do when you are so curious about a girl you never met? So close to the point of love? I wanna thank all the people who have messaged me with all the pointers ( and crazy ass acid induced suggestions... yea the "wrap-her-up-in-aliminum-foil-and-shock-her" thing was eye-candy, but nothing more...... anyway... I think Im in love with a girl I never met........ some people call it crazy... I call it just another play Shakespere never wrote..... forgive me if I misspelled your name... my visions blurred.... damn you Old English.... (the beverage I mean...)

6/12/2003 1:52 AM
THUD! Snapped out of a very nice dream (something involving midgets and hockey pucks..) by the sound of something massive pounding the side of the house. "Am I still dreaming?", I thought. The possibility was quickly erased when the smells of cheap whiskey and stale cigarettes fill my nose. Definetly awake and confused, I try to make sense of the situation when another loud thud strikes beyond the other side of my wall. With the tempo of my heart-beat reaching stroke status... my curiousity wanted to kill the cat. So, I did what anyother sane person would do... I looked down at my charm bracelet at the letters W.W.S.D. (What Would Scooby Doo?)..... with my vast knowledge of old school Scooby episodes (Did you know that Velma was a lesbo?), I began to devise a plan. After 15 minutes of trying to find a safety pin, tennis net, and bamboo rods I realized that setting up a trap for whatever was outside was stupid. So, I grew a set of balls and peaked outside. To my surprise I was shocked to see a large horse with its reigns tangled in my bushes behind the house. Everytime it tried to break free, it would kick up its back legs with such force that it was tearing up the siding of my house. I solved the mystery without the help of Scooby and the gang..... got in touch with the owner (some Amish dude named Jonas..) and even tried to pull on the horses face to see if it was a mask...... damn you meddling kids.... yea that was gay, sorry.... but it's all true... till next time
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