Age: 46
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: auto tech
Location: Plano, TX. USA
My Biography
im a lover of all music......
KMFDM, LoA, front242, rammstien, OgHr, DJacurack, slayer, megadeth, anthrax, decide, excessive force, GWAR, zombie, bethoven, paul oakenfold, pig, pigface, cannibal corpse, stuck mojo, hed pe, static x, ministry, slick idiot, die krupps, aphex twin, bloodhound gang, evil mothers, pissing razors, chemical brothers, crystal method, colony 5, crowbar, hatebreed, diecast, cypress hill, death, disturbed, today is the day, LTJ bukem, mc conrad, mushroomhead, my life with a thrill kill kult, nonpoint, nirvana, puya, sinergy, six feet under, acdc, metallica(old shit only), skinny puppy, TRS-80, switchblade symphony, skrew, sinergy, SOD, system of a down, propain, slipknot, NIN, praga khan, no doubt, iced earth, guns and roses, iron madien, judas priest, ozzy and black sabboth, black label society, beastie boys, house of pain, dr.dre, run DMC, kid rock, limp bizkit, mudvayne, sheep on drugs, terror test, 2k, gunter shulz, en esch, die warazu, second coming, prodigy, rob bass, KLF, rage aganist the machine, and many many others. i love all music and fast ass cars like mine, ask me about it.....its great to have alot of people having all different tastes hanging out together, its a great feeling. we all living together with our differences and sharing our music and lives with each other is the best thing to happen to you in your life. enjoy it!
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink