Age: 30
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Dominating A Slave
Occupation: Stripper
My Biography
So where shall we all begin? Hmm...whats that, the begininning. Well silly, that's too far back. How about the present and we shall work our way back to the start of this all? Good. Now lets ascend towards that.

At this very moment in time Nicholas and Kara are lustly lovers with the most beautiful son they have ever laid their pretty little eyes on. They are currently ambitious to get our on their own soon. They're choice of living is the maginifict city of TC. But who knows where their journey may take them.

About that son of theirs. His name is Nathaniel. He is a dashing young lad. He seems to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. He was born the 13 of November in the year 2007. We weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces. Twenty one inches long that boy. Beautiful e.

Nicholas and Kara have been together for two years. They've accomplished a lot huh? Well before they were lovers. They were friends. From about Sixth grade all the way to the Nineth Kara would not give Nicholas a chance. She didn't want to hurt their friendship. But then one lovely evening in March that all changed. It was March 13, Nicholas,Kara, and their friend Laura were all inoccently hanging out. When Nicholas and Kara's time with one another became less innoccent. The only bad thing about this was Kara had a boyfriend at the time....she felt bad. She told. Then that relationship ended to start the most wonderful thing in her life besides her son. Never live life with never know what could happen.

Both Kara has friends she holds dear. She would do anything for her friends.

Kara is short tempered. She does not liked to be crossed. If so an explosion of firey wrath reigns down upon those hopeless souls whom have been unwise.

That about somes it up. Any questions please, ask. Just be thoughtful of your choice of words.
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