Age: 47
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Photog
Location: CO USA
My Biography
Just another victim, kid.

Shadows and dust.

hit and run
poetry and porn
cigarettes and coffee
smiles and lies

*** 1916 * 1981 ***
Irish Revolution

I don't laugh as much as I should
I don't smile as much as I used to
Mostly, I try not to take myself too seriously
Though there are days when I fail
Even at that.

photography, snowboarding, erotic literature, life...

mutual masturbation, phone sex and of course, spanking naughty girls...

our bed we live, our bed we sleep
making love and i become you -
flesh is warm with naked feet
stabbing thorns and you become me
oh, i beg for you, you know i beg for you.

she holds my hand we share a laugh,
slipping orange blossom breezes -
love is still and sweat remains
cherished gift, unselfish feeling...
oh, i'd beg for you, you know i beg for you.
she tells me things, i listen well
drink the wine and save the water -
skin is smooth, i steal a glance
dragon flies are gliding over...
oh, i'll beg for you - you know i beg for you

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, i'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me -
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink