Age: 33
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Hooker
Location: Cicero, IL. USA
My Biography
Hey you silly mother fuckers! I'm a horny little bitch and i sure could take a dick right about now. Anytakers?

My name is Sally, Sally shits alot, hahaha. I got blonde hair a little past my shoulders, green eyes, and i'm a total slut. My profile name shoulda been Slut. I'd put a picture of me up, but all you horny boys a girls would come knockin at my door. And that's just too much dick and pussy for me! I could handle it though, hahahah. I got a drinking problem. but i wouldn't call it that. I also got a fucking problem. but i wouldn't call it that either. I'm just a horny alcoholic. nuttin wrong wit that. I know so. I use to be a big pothead but i slowed down on that, i still do it everyday though. I also like to huff and kill what little brain cells i got left. Who needs them anyway! I also like snortin heroin and raping niggas for fun. it puts a smile on my face. I'll write more later, these pain killers have gotten my figures numb.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink