Age: 46
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Doin' About Everything
Occupation: Cosmetologist
Location: Saint Louis, MO. USA
My Biography
I am a sometime-goth-industrial-promoter, Webmaster of stlouisgothic, DJ at Requiem and RAPTURE, and a member of 36 Demons Productions.

I am currently attending the Grabber School of Hair Design to become a licensed cosmetologist and I will be graduating in May of '06.

I think I'm one extremely lucky guy. I've been a saint, devil's advocate, an innocent, made a some mistakes, been hated, been forgiven, blessed with good friends, been too trusting and learned who my good friends REALLY are, sold myself short WAY too many times and have come out barely smelling like a rose... I will make no allusions to being perfect. Not everything in my life has gone 100% the way I would like it, or even 80% for that matter... I'm still trying to figure it all out! I am about as real as it gets, however, and I believe that honesty and respect go a long way.

Oh yeah... I'm also a god in my own mind. Although I was raised in a Christian family, I am by no means spiritual or religious, nor do I subscribe to any predetermined belief system. I do not blindly follow, and I prefer to keep my mind open that all things may or may not exist. What works for one person does not necessarily work for all others. You either need it or you don't.

My main passions are in art, music (which I am extremely opinionated about - look in the left column to see what I like), movies, and the Goth/Industrial counterculture. I live for these things, and if you don't understand them, that's fine, but more than likely we will not have much to connect upon. I am not a mainstream kind of person. I don't watch much regular TV (especially reality shows) and I find pop mainstream music to be very boring. You won't find me hanging out in a hip hop or country bar. I prefer "edge" culture.

Closed-mindedness, fundamentalist religious idiots, pushy people, racists, ignorance, Republicans, flag-waving assholes who believe in blind patriotism and have no respect for the rights of others, poseurs, bandwagon jumpers, trend-heads, emo, rap, modern country, hip hop, most mainstream music (I am EXTREMELY opinionated on this one), American Idol, or any other crap that gets shoved down your throat wherever you go.

For the rest of the cheese... look in the left column or message me!

HEY BANDS: If you have any CDs or promo material you would like to send, message me!

~ Skel
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink