Age: 49
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Worshipping Ven
Occupation: Non-Organic Excavator
Location: Detroit, MI. USA

My Biography
Male: Yes
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186
Length: 7.2"
Girth: 2.1"
Eyes: 2
Sex: Hourly Prefered,Daily Could Work
Distiguishing Marks/Tatoos: Metal hook for left hand
Military Service: None
Religion: Non practicing Agnostic
Alcohol: John Daniels, Cuervo,Patron,Jager, Vodkas of a types, BEER preferabley German
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Material: leather
Favorite Fragrance: Female
Love: in all the wrong places
Hate: 9 out of 10 Humans
Physical Exercise: Running from my stalker

Favorite Animal: Horse
Shaman Totem: Wolf
Favorite Food: Meat, will become a vegan for the right woman.
Favorite Shoes: Stilettos with that little anklet collar.
Favorite Element: Titanium Ti
Favorite Planet: Jupiter, bigger is better bitches!
favorite crayon: cyan
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Cause of Death: Strangulation
Favorite Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper
Favorite Lie: see my length and girth above
Favorite Hungry Hippo: Pink
Favorite Swear Word: fuck
Favorite Car: 1970 Camaro
Favorite Fixed Wing Aircraft: P-38 Lighting
Favorite WWII Battle: Kursk
Favorite Gun: Barret .50 Cal (M-82?)
Favorite Position: Reverse Cowgirl
Favorite Non Alcoholic Beverage: Great Bloodini Kool-Aid
Favorite Secret Organization:
Favorite Industrial Solvent: Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Favorite Republican to raise from the dead: Abraham Lin

Current Favorite Band (for the next 24 Hrs) wolfmother

Hobbies ad Interests: Were wolves,vampyres,shambling undead,women,girls that think they're vampyres,girls that prentend they're Vampyres, Girls that are vampyres, Movies about scary stuff, being beaten to within inches of my life, Karma,living like a dog on a chain. Wearing masks, obsessing, general hydonistic behaviors, dancing, drinking,homocidal thoughts, fucking,tasting my own blood,getting away with the perfect murder, and being entombed with the Pharoahs.

Movies Ive seen "Like 25 times"
Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the jedi, raiders of the LA, IJATOD, MAD max, Road warrior, Big red one, God Father 1,2, Scarface, Wild Bunch, Good the bad the ugly, fist Full of Dollars, Fore A few Dollars More, platoon, full metal jacket
Apoclypse Now,Animal House,Resevoir Dogs, Aliens, Alien,evil dead, evil dead II, Evil dead III, Dawn of the dead, day of the dead, night of the living dead, bram Stokers Dracula, dawn of the dead (new version), crow, Goodfellas, where eagles dare, Good the Bad & the Ugly, Holy Grrrrlail!

You cant understand how happy iam to be a member...I need to belong. peer Pressure controls me...Thats why Im a cheerleader. The skirt makes me look fat, but the showers after practice are worth it. I have the biggest cock on the cheer squad. YIPPIE!. mAYBE i can be prom queen?

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