Age: 33
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Relationship: Enslaved By Master
Occupation: Student
Location: Rutherfordton, NC. USA
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My Biography
♥My name is Lindi, you can call me whatever you want, most call me Midget
♥I'm a PROUD vegetarian
♥I don't care what you think about me; I'm going to be me and no one else.
♥I'm pansexual (which means I'm sexually attracted to all reguardless of their sex, ie. males, females, and transgenders. We're all people so I'm not going to be picky)
♥You either love me or hate me, it's up to you.
♥I'm as openminded as they come. I'll argue with you any day about my beliefs, and I don't back down.
♥My friends are the absolute greatest, and I'd take a bullet for any and all of them.
♥I write a lot, it helps me get through life.
♥If you want to read any of my writings let me know.
♥I'm in love with music, it's pretty much my life right now.
♥I play DDR nonstop, and I'll kick your ass in it if you have good pads.
♥I want to help find a cure for AIDS and Diabetes
♥I love playing in the rain
♥KSA (Kinky Sex Anonymous)will always be together in my mind
♥Those crazy cross-dressing kids (aka my life support group) is cooler than you
♥I have an owner, and he is fabulous.
♥I'm afraid to grow up (yet I can't wait to get there)
♥Yes, I was born in Rutherfordton, and yes, I know it's hard to believe.
♥I have more than one best friend
♥If I call you my friend, that means I trust you with my life and I'll never betray you (you are among the minority)
♥I have few friends, but many associates.
♥I kiss everyone that I like
♥I'm the original hugging whore, you can't take that away from me
♥I hate organized religion, I don't believe in your god, nor anyone elses, it will do you no good to preach to me.
♥I need to take a camera with me everywhere, honestly I see the craziest stuff when I don't have one
♥If you take me to a concert then I will offically love you
♥I'm pro-choice (and I was almost an abortion baby, so you can suck it)
♥I'm all for gay rights (duh)
♥Eventually, I will be one of those crazy activists you see on the news.
♥I love being naked
♥I hate clothes, they are so restricting
♥I have serious trust issues, if you can get me to open up, then you are one of the few choosen ones (you can rejoice now)
♥I am a night person and have insomnia so it all works out
♥I'm epileptic (for those of you who don't know what that means, I have seizures)
♥I have had seizures in public before and I don't remember anything, I found out I had one a year afterwards when my friends decided to finally tell me.
♥I'm always reading something
♥My favorite book of all times is The Perks of Being a Wallflower
♥Charlie is my hero
♥I love sleeping with people (not sex, but just falling asleep in someones arms)
♥I've had my infinite moment, I can die happy now
♥I'm addicted to piercings
♥I LOVE Converses
♥If you sing for me you have my heart
♥Coffee is my obsession
♥I HATE fake people and trendies
♥I love to rave
♥I love glowsticks
♥I'm addicted to AIM and YIM
♥Sharp objects are my friends
♥Graveyards are amazing
♥Pocky is the shit
♥So is Ramune
♥And Bawls (energy drink)
♥I now have an obsession with the series

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