Age: 31
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Mommy Juggalette &Photographer
Location: Lakewood, CO. USA
My Biography
Well... what iz there to say about me? Im Kat, Im 17 (ill be 18 in august) i have a year old son,♥ Magne Ingve McNeece ♥, i have 7 piercings, my labret, tongue, monroe, both ears and both nipples. Im currently working at 6 flags elitch gardens in Denver, Colorad takeing the antique photos with my Gay Husband Joey (were not really married but yea) i want to some day become a tattoo and piercer, but until then im happy with being a photographer. ummmm.... i have red hair, its kinda long in the front and spikey in the back, im 5'4",Greenish eyes, i have a lil extra weight, but i still manage to look good, i guess... Im a Juggalette for mu fuckin lyfe!!! i enjoy makeing people happy, even if it makes me hurt, im not always a happy person, when im around people im happy... alone, im in my own lil depressed world that i hide from my friends... i have alot of friends that i love dearly, most of them guys lol... ummm.... if u wanna know more about me just ask okie?
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