Age: 53
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Dominating A Slave
Occupation: please ask
Location: laurel springs, NJ. USA
My Biography
i am one crazy red head, small, green eyes long nails, boot wearing, incense burning ,candle lighting, rubber & leather wearer, sushi eating , animal lover , poetry writer, horror movie maniac ( i could lay in bed all day and watch horror movies). i am a bruce campbell fan at heart. i love the dark rain. reading the marquis desade and writing erotic stories. i am a open mined and free spirted girl. i love listening to skinny puppy , cocteau tiwins and of course lords of acid. i love to dance and getting dressed up and men in eye liner it drives me crazy.
i don't like racists , closed minded people, people that smell and people that don't take care of there bodies . i hate liars and cheats and people that love them selves so much that there is no room for you and people that thinks the world revolves around them and no one else.
if you want to know more just ask me.

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