Age: 42
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Kroger employee
Location: sin city, NV.

My Biography
Some of you may know me as being Pharcom's girlfriend...well I am sorry to report that is no more. After 3 very long years the relationship has ended. A lot of happy times and more unhappy times. He was my bestest friend one that I will really miss. Hopefully after we get through all of the negative hatred hurting feelings we both share we can not only be good friends for the sake of the child we share but also just because many moons ago we were once upon... were just two people being awesome friends..together.

Anywho, I met someone else (yes, I know..ALREADY???) He is really just great, treats all 3 of my kids as if they were is very own and his 2 girls are just the best I too think of them as my own. He is genuinly caring, doting, and all together he just treats me really really well! Almost too well. That kind that wants to just treat you like a Princess. I am sooooo not used to it! But, it is nice. Well, it has only been 2 months lol lets see how long he can put up with me. ~*smiles*~

How we met...Actually, I joined Eharmony.com and within 2 weeks I had 13 matches and "he" just seemed more suited "for the job" than the rest. Well, paired I'd say. So, now life just seems like it is flowing in the right direction. I am very happy, Honest!

I just can't help thinking just months before I had my best friend at my side and now ...now I am adjusting to living life without him. An OH SO difficult process. How do you let go of someone that made you wanna screem, scratch out his eyes and make him bleed lol on a constant bases as well as someone you could tell anything to know that he would always be there and someone you could count on (no matter what the issues were at the present time) to know that, that person would be there to hurt maim and kill anyone that even crossed you the wrong way.

trying to totally let go of my used to be best friend and putting all of that trust, fate, faith etc. into the new guy. I have one foot in and the other out. I....I don't want to replace my used to be best friend and on the other hand I kind of have to in order for my New relationship to sucsessfully work!

I know as time goes by it soooo gets easier......I want to put my head and my emotions into my new relationship I DO. I just need and I am Just slowly and at my own pace i suppose learning to let go of the past.

I suppose it will take time.

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